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At 23, Stray Kids’ Felix is the Youngest Member of Unicef’s Honors Club

Photos from realstraykids/Instagram

In recent years, it’s not relatively new for K-pop idols to take on a philanthropic role by engaging in various charitable initiatives and serving as ambassadors for global organizations. 

We’ve had NCT’s Jaemin as a goodwill ambassador, and BTS’ Jin, along with former Girl’s Day member Hyeri, as Honors Club members in Unicef. This paradigm shift underscores the industry’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the realm of music.

In a testament to the evolving role of idols as global ambassadors, Stray Kids’ Felix, at 23, has made history by becoming the youngest member to join Unicef’s Honors Club

While the spotlight typically shines on their performances and close-to-perfect stereotyped idol images, his off-stage impact is something else, as he donated 100 million Korean won (approximately $76,000) to Unicef.

To him, the aid aims to address the pressing issue of stunted physical development among children in Laos, a consequence of inadequate nutrition and a lack of clean drinking water.

“I participated in this donation because I wanted to share the love I received,” the idol expressed. “I hope that children in Laos, who suffer from various difficulties due to polluted water, poor hygienic conditions, and insufficient nutrition, will grow up in good health in a safer environment in the new year.”

Before this, Felix gained recognition in March 2023 as a member of Save the Children’s Honors Club for his ongoing donations. In February of the same year, he also contributed 50 million won to World Vision for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Felix’s entry into the Honors Club shows the transformative power of compassion and social responsibility. His gesture not only reflects his personal commitment to making a difference but also underscores the growing trend of K-pop idols leveraging their influence to address global challenges—as they should. 



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