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Barenbliss Graces New York Fashion Week 2023

Like a flower amid a bustling city, you can bloom beautifully even in the busiest of places.

Barenbliss stands as a radiant brand, sharing its joyful clean beauty in the recent New York Fashion Week. The brand celebrates confidence and cherishes the inner glow residing in everyone. With a range of skin-loving and high-quality products, they empower individuals to embrace their true beauty and capture bliss at every moment. Away from their origins, barenbliss found themselves in the heart of New York City – wandering and sharing its core philosophy: Bare essentials, No harm, Blissful moments.

While beating the heat daze in NYC, barenbliss highlighted a soft city girl look. Featuring all the BNBae most loved products that brought beauty vision to life in New York Fashion Week and made a statement.

The True Beauty Inside Cushion

Flawlessly blending and providing a radiant natural glow that seemed to emanate from within.

The Fine To Refine Compact Powder,

In the fast-paced world, a mattifying compact powder is a must-have. With its airbrush-like finish, it locks in the makeup's longevity.

Full Bloom Transfer Proof Matte Tint

For a mesmerizing focal point, this creamy matte finish tint provides a striking contrast to the radiant complexion.

Barenbliss at New York Fashion Week was a moment, infusing romance and grace onto the stage. With the strong message that barenbliss brought to this iconic event, they opened a fresh POV of what flawless beauty is in the city that never sleeps.



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