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barenbliss Guide to K-Beauty Trends

K-beauty is all the rage right now. Imagine having skin so smooth and glowing it looks like glass—that’s the goal! Who knows, following the trend might help us have our own K-drama moment or make our K-pop AU fantasies come to life.

One reason why it is so popular is because it’s not just about fixing problems; it’s about preventing them too, like giving our skin a long-term love affair. And if we’re talking about this trend, there’s no better way to look than with barenbliss products. 

Here’s a guide to know more about these trends and, perhaps, achieve that “it” look we all desire.

Glass Skin

The most sought-after K-beauty trend we all want? Glass skin! It’s like having skin so smooth and shiny like that of NCT’s Jaehyun’s glorious face. To get it, we need hydrating products, sunscreen, and makeup tricks like using a luminous cushion.

And here’s the exciting part: BNB’s “True Beauty Inside Cushion” is our go-to for that glassy look! It’s all about elegance and convenience packed into one. No need to lug around a bulky bottle of foundation anymore as this innovation does it all, but in a compact form!

Aegyo Sal

While many dislike having puffy eyes, some actually want them! The Aegyo Sal trend embraces puffy eyes for a cute and youthful look like our favorite K-pop idols Yeonjun of TXT and ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo.

And to enhance this style, check out the Dream Chaser Quad eyeshadow. This beginner-friendly eyeshadow palette is the perfect pop of color for our everyday Aegyo Sal look. Kiyowo!

Glossy Gradient Lip

Everyone’s been rocking the glossy gradient lip trend lately! From Blackpink’s Jennie, IVE’s Wonyoung to Aespa’s Karina, and even our P-pop girlies, it’s the talk of the town. 

This trend involves creating a soft, blended transition of color on the lips, starting from the center and fading out towards the edges. It’s all about achieving a plump, just-bitten look that’s both youthful and alluring. And barenbliss’ Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint is our perfect partner. Trust me, this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Matte Gradient Lip

If glossy lips aren’t your thing, then the matte gradient lip trend might be just what you’re looking for!

This trend showcases a soft, blended transition of color on the lips, starting from the center and fading out towards the edges. It’s all about that natural-looking gradient matte effect that adds dimension and depth to our lips. To achieve this, try the barenbliss Full Bloom Transfer Proof Matte Tint. With these matte gradient lips, we’ll be sure to turn heads wherever we go.

Yeppeuda! If we want skin that’s smooth, glowing, and Instagram-worthy, maybe it’s time we give K-beauty a try, and what a perfect way to start the K-beauty journey than with the #JoyfulCleanBeauty of barenbliss.



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