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Belle Mariano to Stage ‘The Solemn’ Album Showcase on Jan. 27

Photo from belle_mariano/Instagram

While Caroline Tiu continues to unravel more secrets in ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ the new gen phenomenal actress and singer, Belle Mariano, completes her two-part album and is set to sing her heart out once again in an album showcase. 

The album launch titled “The Solemn” is scheduled on Jan. 27 at the SM City North Edsa Skydome. The event will be a melodic showcase featuring live performances from her newest album “And Solemn” to be released on the same day.

One of the highlights of “The Solemn” is the talked-about collaboration track, “Autumn,” featuring Ben&Ben. This piece, along with five other new tracks, forms the heart of the second installment of Belle’s two-part musical journey.

In an Instagram post, Belle extended an invitation to her fans to join her in celebrating and finding solace on this special day. “For those searching for solemness... Never stop.”

The upcoming album delves into themes of resilience, purpose, and determination, portraying a journey from somber days to a renewed sense of self.

Last year’s release of the first album installment, “Somber,” already achieved 18 million streams on Spotify, with hit singles such as “Somber and Solemn” and “Bugambilya.”



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