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Beyond the HORI7ON: Meet the Final 7 Dream Chasers!

Coming from its breakthrough pilot episode with 62 contestants on November 19, Dream Maker narrowed down to its 16 Dream Chasers during its finale on February 12. With over 25 million votes combined from different fandoms, only seven dream chasers rose from the competitive pool of young dreamers- and they're now called HORI7ON.

Making K-pop dreams come true, HORI7ON will travel to South Korea to debut as global pop idols. It's time to meet the final seven. No pare' de moverte, leggo!


This 18-year-old Dream Chaser from Samar isn’t just an academic achiever, but also a charismatic performer that made him amass 2,049,832 public votes. With Winston’s ability to command attention shown during the finale, he’s perfect to be one of the group’s visuals and possible rappers!

Photo from @dreammakerofc


Hungry to prove his worth to be called an idol, Kim relentlessly shows how he deserves to be seen by the mentors. This ‘02 liner from Bacolod comes at the sixth rank with 2,240,510 public votes. There's certainly no mission impossible for Kim.

Photo from @dreammakerofc


Reyster on and off stage are two different persons. And that charm made him gather 2,285,407 strong public votes. During one of the episodes, this ‘03 liner from Nueva Ecija was called a “total performer.” And he embodied that until the finale.

Photo from @dreammakerofc


With 2,447,877 public votes, Vinci cements the fact that he’s too powerful to be excluded. All the way from singing GOT7's Lullaby to performing his last mission, Deja Vu, this 22-year-old multimedia arts major and HORI7ON’s ace is consistent with his performances.

Photo from @dreammakerofc


Rising from the danger zone, Kyler never surrenders until he snatches one of the final seven spots. Orions (his fandom) are extra proud of this 20-year-old visual worthy member for snagging third with 2,697,520 public votes.

Photo from @dreammakerofc


At 13, Marcus knows how to carry himself and answer interviews. His experiences on being a child star have helped him grow into someone idol worthy with his sweet yet commanding vocals. The 2,824,716 votes would give a nod to that!

Photo from @dreammakerofc


With high mentors' scores from previous missions and a massive 3,188,238 votes in the finale, this 14-year-old Dream Chaser is indeed a dance prodigy. Being one of the maknae line, Jiro didn't let his age overshadow him from standing out. A dancing machine!

Photo from @dreammakerofc

HORI7ON will take part in a series of promotional activities in the Philippines until March of this year before they'll fly to South Korea. According to MLD Entertainment, home of TFN and Lapillus, they are set to debut in June.

And just like that, the HORI7ON's journey beyond the horizon begins!

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