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BNBae Spotted: Instagram Influencers and their barenbliss Must-Haves

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you might have come across influencers who simply can't get enough of barenbliss products. From long-lasting lip matte tints to flawless matte cushions, each product seems to weave a tale of self-care and beauty. Let's dive into their testimonials and discover why these products have become their holy grail!

1. Joaquin Tiu (@joaquintiu) - True Beauty Cushion

Joaquin’s secret for his skin glowing and fresh all day? Well, the answer lies in barenbliss' True Beauty Cushion. This cushion not only helps even out his skin tone but also ensures that he's free from skin dullness and unwanted textures.

2. Angelo Linco (@angelolinco) - Fine To Refine Compact Powder

Angelo knows how to keep his skin mattified and smooth. He's smitten with barebliss' Fine To Refine Compact Powder, which has incredible features like being sweatproof, waterproof, and providing 24-hour oil control suited for his oily skin.

3. Jin’s Beauty Space (@mryljn_) - Fortune Cookie Eyeshadow

Jin loves to express her artistic flair, and she's truly mastered it with her recent barenbliss makeup look. She unleashes her creativity by using the Fortune Cookie Eyeshadow in the beautiful shade 03 Success for her stunning peachy eye-makeup style.

4. Sweetie Caguioa (@sweetiecxguioa) - Full Bloom Transfer-proof Matte Tint

Sweetie's lip game is always on point all thanks to the magic of Full Bloom Transferproof Matte Tint in the shade Magical Mimosa. This is a creamy-matte tint that's both lightweight and enduring, providing her with lasting comfort for her lips.

5. Joshua Cisnero (@jshcsnr) - Peach Makes Perfect Liptint

While Joshua might not have been a fan of lip tints initially, the Peach Makes Perfect Liptint completely turned things around for him! This BNBae’s all-time fave lip tint not only keeps his lips moisturized but also gives a wonderfully natural and glowing tint that's just ideal for an everyday look.

6. Hiro Shimoji (@hiroshimoji) - Ceramoist Glow Lip Serum

Hiro locks his lips soft and glossy with Ceramoist Glow Lip Serum, infused with Vitamin E, 3 types of Precious Oil, and Ceramide for long-lasting moisture and care for dull lips. It contributes to long-lasting revitalization, promoting more vibrant and healthy lips over time.

8. Joshua Ricard Estela (@joshuaestela) - Pimple Warrior

If you're struggling with acne, check out Joshua's secret weapon for fighting breakouts: the Barenbliss Pimple Warrior. This acne treatment solution keeps his skin looking its best. With powerful ingredients that target blemishes and reduce inflammation, the Pimple Warrior is the perfect addition to any skincare routine.



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