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BNBae Spotted! Tiktok Influencers Crave Over The Apple Makes Adorable Mousse Tint

Finding a mousse tint that provides the comfort we need can be quite a hassle. In the sea of products available in the market, testing each one to find the perfect fit for our lips can be both pricey and time-consuming.

But the good thing is, when it comes to the perfect blend of comfort and refreshment, barenbliss’ Apple Makes Adorable Mousse Tint stands out. And guess what? Our social media personalities can’t get enough of it.

  1. Michelle Dy (@michelledyyy) 

The latest barenbliss mousse tint introduces a revolutionary change to our lip game, thanks to its innovative New Generation Shift Tint Formula. Michelle Dy gives a nod to that, and her favorites? Shade 05 Cocoa Jam—a stunning mauve brown shade (perfect for morena as she describes), and shade 06 Burgundy Heat—a sophisticated bold berry shade.

  1. Sean Benedict (@theseanbenedict)

With their state-of-the-art lip beauty technology, the tint allows us to attain a glossy look that not only enhances shine but also bathes our lips in hydration. Sean Benedict can certainly vouch for it, expressing, “It feels so watery, then it turns into this beautiful, cloud-like mousse finish.” As the tint settles into a satin texture, our lips are left feeling effortlessly weightless and airy. 

  1. Jhustine Loresto (@_tineelicious_)

Whether we’re going for a bold statement or an everyday look, there’s a perfect shade for every occasion. With its 12-hour transfer-proof formula, it’s ideal for Jhustine when she does her cosplays and when she goes outside. Her favorite? Shade 03 Candy Blaze—a poppin’ rosy red.

  1. Pauleen Andrea (@pauleendelrio_)

With 8X Natural Goodness for deep moisture repair, this is the perfect lippie for Pauleen’s holiday glam. She achieves her signature look by combining Shade 04 Amber Peel on her inner lip and layering it with Shade 01 Coral Wave on the outer lip. The result? A blurred lip line, smoother lips, and a comfortable moist feeling that lasts all day.

But for Pauleen, this tint isn’t just for the lips. She also experiments with Shade 02 Rose Haze (a sweet rose pink) on her cheeks, and it looks good!

When comfort meets refreshment, Apple Makes Adorable Mousse Tint is a lightweight mousse tint for effortless beauty, and the only mousse our lips need. 



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