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BYS Fashion Week 2023 Celebrates the Filipino Palette: Same Same But Different

BYS Fashion Week 2022 was a tour de force. It was a detailed love letter to a decade of dedicated product development that gives you the freedom to be yourself. BYS Philippines has taken the eminently sensible decision to continue to stage BYS Fashion Week on its 11th birthday. “This is a brand that connects with its diverse, discerning audience. This year’s celebration is a soaring tribute to that,” reveals Angie Goyena, president of iFace, Inc.

"The Filipino Palette: Same Same But Different" encapsulates the ethos of BYS Fashion Week 2023. Inspired by the multifaceted nature of a makeup palette—a beauty tool that can yield several different looks and expressions—it's a theme that perfectly captures the essence of creativity. Here, the brand lauds the Filipino tapestry of talent, embracing the intricate blend of individuality and common roots.

In an industry adorned with a kaleidoscope of hues and a medley of creativity, the Filipino Palette emerges as a true opus of unity within diversity. It champions a melange of spectrums, a convergence of myriad voices, cultures, and influences that define our nation. Amidst this plethora lies an unyielding spirit, a shared DNA that unites us all.

This year's fashion week is an exploration of this common palette that binds us, even as we revel in our distinctive styles, perspectives, and experiences. It's a celebration of how, despite being "Same Same But Different," we discover resilience in our collective identity and creative spirit.

Throughout the event, you'll witness Filipino designers weaving narratives of tradition and innovation, heritage and modernity, all while infusing their unique interpretations of fashion and beauty. It's a testament to our ability to embrace change while honoring our roots, a dynamic dance of tradition and transformation.

“Join us on this journey through the Filipino Palette—a palette of possibilities—where we celebrate the beauty of our differences, the strength of our shared identity, and the endless possibilities that arise when we come together as a community of creatives. Together, we paint a picture of the Philippines that is ‘Same Same But Different,’ an ever-evolving masterpiece that continues to inspire and captivate the world,” Angie explains.

As for the line-up, there are returning names and there are new ones. The four-day affair opens with, Antonina, Rafa Worldwide, and Randolf Clothing on Day 1. We have our eye on Neric Beltran and Chris Nick presenting on Day 2. Then, the stage is set for Vin Orias and Cheetah Rivera on Day 3. Finally, Vania Romoff returns to the runway to close BYS Fashion Week on Day 4. The models will traipse down the runway in beauty looks orchestrated by the makeup genius, Gerry Penaso, and his talented team.

As we embark on this sartorial voyage through “The Filipino Palette: Same Same But Different,” it’s an affirmation that diversity need not divide us; it can be our greatest source of strength. With this, BYS Philippines stands proudly at the forefront of celebrating Filipino creativity and will continue to lead the charge in enabling you to be yourself.

BYS was established in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia. BYS Philippines was established in 2012 by iFace, Inc. when it founded its distributorship of multiple sought-after international beauty and wellness brands. It has an exclusive partnership with Watsons Philippines and has established itself as one of the most diverse, strategic, and best-performing partners, garnering awards and citations every year since its inception. iFace, Inc. attributes its success to its more than 1,000 well-trained Beauty Advisors, all employed by the company and enjoying full employee benefits. Its roster of endorsers also includes some of the most recognizable stars, both local and international, today.

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