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Get That Look: Nadine Lustre's barenbliss Campaign Essentials

True Beauty Inside Cushion

Achieve Radiant skin just like Nadine’s using True Beauty Inside Cushion. With its Non-Greasy & Non-Cakey Ultra light texture with oil control capabilities that adhere perfectly to your skin, it will look like your skin, but better. Its soft-luxurious touch will leave your skin glowy and healthy. It also has SPF 45 PA+++ perfect to protect the skin from UV damage. Nadine is wearing the shade Beige Summer Nectar #3, perfectly suited for her gorgeous morena skin tone.

Remember that the goal while using is to achieve a natural and glowy finish. Starting from the center of your face, gently pat the applicator onto your skin. Use a pressing motion rather than dragging the applicator. The patting motion helps the product meld with your skin and provides a more even and flawless look.

Fine To Refine Compact

Attain flawless skin with Fine To Refine Compact Powder for a Perfectly Blurred Finish.

It's your secret weapon for that airbrush finish. Take a look at Nadine's flawless makeup in the shade Medium Blossom Burst #4. It perfectly showcases the soft and blurred effect achievable with this ultra-light compact powder. This will keep your skin bright and shine-free all day!

To apply Fine to Refine Compact Powder, swirl your sponge in the compact powder, and starting from the center of your face, apply the powder using light, sweeping motions.

Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint

Pucker up and embrace those peachy vibes with Peach Makes Perfect Lip Tint. This Peach-scented lip tint with a light gel texture that will leave an all-day stain on your lips. Nadine elevated her appearance with an extra touch of charm by using the shade 03 Take Change, a shiny red cherry hue that brought her look to the next level.

By applying the gloss stain tint, start in the center of your upper lip and apply the lip tint along the natural contour of your lips. If you want to add more pop of color, apply an additional layer after the first layer dries.

Full Bloom Matte Tint

Elevate your lip game with Bloom Matte Tint, offering a stunning matte finish while keeping your lips hydrated. This mask-proof tint has a comfy matte texture that glides smoothly over the lips. The shade 03 Pollen Harvest, a medium pinkish brown, added a dimension to Nadine’s style, accentuating her luscious lips for her look.

One swipe goes a long way with Bloom Matte Tint. Softly glide it in the center of your lips and use your fingertip or a lip brush to blend the tint evenly across your lips.



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