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It’s Justin’s Surreal World and Every Moment is a Masterpiece

In a world that often seems to move at breakneck speed, there’s a certain beauty in the slowest of days. It’s during these times that we find ourselves truly immersed in the moment, where every emotion feels undeniably real. 

This is something SB19’s Justin de Dios wants us to feel. And as he shares a figment of his imagination with his solo debut “Surreal,” he sets his heart to carry out the good side in everything.

When he candidly asks, “Wala naman sigurong mali na mamuhay sa mundong ako ang may gawa,” we would definitely say yes, because right at this moment, we’re ready to live in a surreal world, where Justin is our visionary. 

Dreamy Aesthetic

With Justin on our side, everything simply becomes a dream. As the bunso of SB19, he effortlessly channels his creativity, serving as the mastermind behind the visuals that define the multi-awarded P-pop Kings’ iconic music videos and performances. 

“It was such a great experience to be in the room where it happens,” the young artist shares. “And I get to experience it first hand—building ideas from scratch, connecting the minds of our team members and collaborators, and bringing them to actuality.”

From “What?,” “Hanggang sa Huli,” “ WYAT” to the successful “Back in the Zone” concert, the  Multimedia Arts graduate takes the helm as the creative director, infusing each project with his artistic flair as he asserts, full of passion, “I would always do it in a heartbeat.”

Beyond that, a glimpse at his Instagram reveals a feed with a soft boy aesthetic, set against a backdrop of cool-toned hues that beckon us into his world. Through his carefully curated images, he invites us to share in his journey, evoking a sense of both comfort and familiarity.

A Calming Voice to Comfort Us

Justin effortlessly blurs the line between reality and fantasy not just with his creative direction but also through his voice, inviting us to escape into a world where dreams come to life and anything is possible.

“I actually don't have any background in music,” he reveals. “But through my journey with SB19, I fell in love with singing and performing.”

His vocals? A symphony to our ears. Even his voice sounds so aesthetically pleasing. Trust us, the “Sunday Morning” song number he performed during his private launch still resonates deeply within our souls. And we can’t wait to hear more of him as a solo artist.

“So to be able to fuse those two worlds now, I am very much happy to use my creativity alongside music and that I get to do what I love to do as work,” he adds. 

With him singing in his own world, we’re just glad to declare that we’re living in it. 

All the Nice Things He Does

Brimming with pure boy energy, Justin’s YouTube vlogs offer a glimpse into his daily life and favorite pastimes. He shares his love for nature and peaceful moments away from the city, taking us along on adventures like hiking and tree planting at Masungi Georeserve, spontaneous trips to Cagayan de Oro, Bukidnon, and Camiguin, and thrilling lagoon cliff dives.

“There’s something about the greens that call to me,” the nature-loving performer expresses. “Maybe that’s why, as much as possible, I involve myself in nature-related advocacies.”

With these seemingly ordinary moments, the 25-year-old P-pop artist will eagerly tell us that he feels fortunate to experience both the hustle and bustle of city life and the simplicity of the countryside. Through his vlogs, we get to join him on these exciting escapades, making us feel like we’re right there beside him, savoring every moment of the journey.

“And now that I get to merge it with music and art, then I am one happy nature-loving dreamsmith,” he warmly smiles. 

Prince of Our Dreams

Resisting the charm of this La Sallian is a challenge we’re bound to lose. With an effortless global visual, it’s hard not to be drawn in. Whether he’s embracing cute concepts with his shining and authentic persona or exuding fierceness, we can always count on him to deliver and leave us wanting more.

“Being authentic is being present—it’s who you are right now. It's how you react to the world around you,” he quips. 

His TikTok videos encompass everything—personality, prowess, and prince-like visuals. Even when he does quirky things, it’s still adorable. And if we had to wake up every morning with him by our side, then all good, we would want to wake up every day.

Soundtrack of Our Lives

The continuous path to honing his craft with dedication and precision is just beginning with “Surreal.” With his solo debut comes a new logo, featuring two symbols: “The Boot” symbolizing the challenges faced and paths unexplored and “The Sprout” representing his blossoming creativity and his ability to nurture his artistry into fully realized creations. 

“One thing I’m very sure of is I want my imagination realized. It might look dreamy or artsy, maybe nostalgic at times, but I want it to be translated into something tangible,” he says, as he describes his vision. 

As a dreamsmith of this generation, Justin promises to set the course for others to follow. Yet, in this world, we’re just lucky enough to hear “Surreal,” a love anthem for those who dare to dream beyond the surface of reality. 

“For some it may be unexplainable, but it's a world of whimsy. Anything goes as far as my imagination is concerned.”

Sometimes, we wonder if what we perceive is just a creation of our imagination, especially when it feels too real. But we hold onto the belief that there’s a beautiful harmony between perception and reality. 

When Justin says, “when one sees light with eyes closed, then your heart has found its purpose,” it resonates deeply. In his world, built with dreams and passion, we find contentment in simply being part of the journey.

More things are coming Justin’s way, and you can read the full interview and cover story (different from this feature) exclusively in the printed copy of Parcinq Magazine Vol. 4 Q. 1. Pre-order your copies now at


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03. Apr.

Very nice narratives to describe a representative of this generation carving their own paths toward living to what is essential - contributing to the society beyond their own needs. Hopefully such inspiration spread more to the young ones since they have all the resources within their reach to contribute to a better world. Padayon Justin! Create more positive signposts of a life made to be enjoyed fruitfully.

Gefällt mir

krizia mejia
krizia mejia
12. März

I became a fan this March because of your performance in Ayala Triangle, and then suddenly saw your music video for 'Surreal'. I watched all of SB19's videos and got hooked on all of your beautiful personalities and AMAZING talent. I am loving this surreal because of all the emotions you poured into this music; even the concept portrays how you really wanted the listeners to feel. Great music! I must buy this copy, hihi!

Gefällt mir
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