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Liza Soberano is About to Cheer and ‘Ate’ in Her Hollywood Film Debut

We were delighted by Liza Soberano’s special appearance on the Korean online show “Hwaiting Season 4” in 2023. Now, as the new year begins, she’s set to kick off 2024 with a Hollywood film debut. 

The official trailer for the horror romantic-comedy movie “Lisa Frankenstein” has Filipino fans raving about Liza’s portrayal as a cheerleader. 

Clad in classic ‘80s attire, the Filipino actress takes viewers on a nostalgic journey with the trailer’s vintage ambiance that perfectly captures the era’s vibe—and she perfectly fits, yet manages to stand out!

High school cheerleader Taffy, portrayed by Liza, cheekily comments on the main character’s upgraded goth look, saying, “She could probably even do pageants if she had congeniality,” showcasing Liza’s telegenic charm and prowess in delivering lines.

Under the direction of Zelda Williams, the film has a star-studded cast, featuring Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse. The coming of ‘rage’ story revolves around Lisa (Newton), a misunderstood teenager, and her romantic entanglement with Sprouse’s character, a handsome corpse, adding an extra layer of excitement to the US movie premiere in February. 



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