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Meet Rising Hoops Hotties with Skills and Style

Think of Dwight Ramos, Kevin Alas, Chris Tiu, James Yap, and Jeron Teng, to name just a few. These ballers possess not only good looks but also exceptional skills. And you know, there's nothing more irresistible than witnessing athletes with unmatched talent to complement their swoon-worthy appeal. Following in their charismatic footsteps, PARCINQ introduces four rising basketball stars who are ready to steal hearts on and off the court.

Refine your heartthrob hooper radar because Kieffer Alas, Sam Alegre, Patrick Sleat, and Jcee Macalalag are coming for your basketball bias list. Peek into their charming points beyond the sport as they gracefully etch their names in the basketball scene.

Kieffer Alas

FIBA U16 Mythical Five—this label alone could make your heart skip a beat. At 16, rising star Kieffer Alas has all the moves to win us over. Just like how he glides effortlessly across the court to ring those 3-pointers, the young hooper surely caught the attention of professional league teams as early as now. Similarly, he can’t escape the gaze of eagle-eyed fangirls, whom he admits he has a substantial following, including myself!

The 6-foot-2 standout from De La Salle Zobel led the young Gilas to their fourth-place finish at the FIBA U16 Asian Championships. He contributed 29 impressive points in their quarterfinal victory against Japan to clinch a spot in the U17 World Cup slated for next year. There’s no shortage of greatness and allure to Kiefer's hustle, making it easy to admire the commitment he has shown since starting his basketball journey at age nine.

The hardcourt heartthrob may look snobby, but in reality, he’s one easy guy to approach. So don't be scared to shoot your shot, because you might also find yourself falling captive to his rizz—a talent he confidently shares. Undoubtedly, that’s one more reason to have a soft spot for Kieffer.

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A. Playing billiards, golf, and 2K Call of Duty

Q. Would you ever pursue modeling?

A. On the side

Q. What’s your college dream school?

A. Ateneo, Lasalle, UP (a/n: recruiters can take note!)

Q. How do you handle pressure?

A. Don’t think about it. I do my best not to overthink about it.

Q. Do you have any insecurities?

A. My sensitive skin

Q. What’s your type of girl?

A. Chinita

Q. Your go-to-fashion

A. Baggy and streetwear

Q. Favorite brand

A. Nike

Q. Favorite food

A. Nilaga

Sam Alegre

Another cutie on the Batang Gilas roster is 15-year-old Sam Alegre. The skilled hoopster first picked up basketball at age seven. Back then, he had no inkling of his potential in the sport. But his sheer willpower led him to no less than the national team, and it’s nothing short of impressive. Trust me, it’s enough to make one gush over him!

Sam’s budding basketball career has taken off beyond our shores, but coming home to represent the nation leaves him feeling good to finally show some valuable minutes for the country. What’s more, the athletic DNA running through this 6-foot-1 star is making our hearts race. If basketball had not been his passion, Sam might have dazzled us in another sport that’s equally fascinating and cool!

If you ever get the chance to catch some of his games, make him feel the buzzing Filipino energy. But really, don’t hesitate to approach Sam, as he is anything but unfriendly. Besides being a talented player, he's also skilled in the kitchen. So, prepare to be swept off your feet by his culinary abilities because, just like men, we know the way to someone's heart can be through their stomach.

Q. What’s your personality like?

A. I’m fun and clear-headed.

Q. What do you like about the Philippines?

A. Energy of the Filipinos and the sport is more popular in the country.

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A. Games and watching series

Q. What’s your favorite food?

A. Ramen but binagoongan for Filipino

Q. What’s your dream college in Manila?

A. Ateneo

Q. How do you handle pressure?

A. Calm self down and think of something else.

Q. What do people not know about you?

A. like to eat out at different places.

Q. Do you have any insecurities?

A. My skin

Q. Go-to-fashion

A. Baggy and street wear

Q. Favorite brand

A. Nike or Uniqlo

Patrick Sleat

Young cager Patrick Sleat readies himself for another sensational season with the Tamaraws in Season 86, and it's high time his exceptional defensive skills capture your attention. At 21 years old, he is winning hearts on and off the court with his towering height, hooping prowess, and striking features.

Patrick is a highly sought-after prospect ahead of his collegiate career. But it was the brave core of Morayta that has seized his loyalty for three years now. The chances of making it to the starting lineup were uncertain then, yet the mighty guard’s innate balling skills, which he started honing at 10 years old, seamlessly propelled him into the main team in no time.

Believe me, your heart will pound even harder when you witness his ardent defense, as if he’s staking his life on the line. And don’t be surprised if he will completely swoon you over when he strikes a pose for the camera. Though Patrick’s insecurity lies in his asymmetrical ears, his heightened interest in modeling outshines any concerns once he commands the spotlight.

Feel the thrill as he takes the court for the new season starting on October 1.

Q. What would you be up to if you weren't playing basketball?

A. Football

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A. Doing weights and lifting, and playing video games

Q. If you're not with FEU, which team would you like to play for?

A. Ateneo or La Salle

Q. How do you handle pressure?

A. I stay in the present and try not to think about it.

Q. What’s a secret skill people might not know about you?

A. I know how to do spear fishing.

Q. What’s your type of girl?

A. Morena

Q. Go-to fashion

A. Oversized fit and streetwear

Q. Favorite brand

A. Adidas

Q. Favorite food

A. Sinigang and mango

Jcee Macalalag

Look beyond raw athleticism, and you'll be drawn to the Green Archers' forward, Jcee Macalalag. As Season 86 approaches, the 20-year-old swingman still possesses the skills that once earned him the title of a blue-chip recruit. If collegiate teams contested him back then, then just imagine the fervor of his countless admirers now—count me in, by the way.

JC is unquestionably a born athlete. In addition to his basketball prowess, which he polished at age seven, he also excels at table tennis and holds a curiosity about lawn tennis. Now that's a major turn-on for sports buds like me.

On the court, the 6-foot-2 standout displays bold and daring moves, but away from the game, he exudes a shy and conservative demeanor. In fact, his preferred fashion style is nothing fancy. JC leans towards a classic or mature look, a style he dubs as ‘tito outfit.’

Let's be honest, whether he's donning his basketball jersey or opting for casual attire, he effortlessly looks fantastic in everything. Gifted with visual appeal and untapped talent, what’s not to like?

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A. Watching series on Netflix

Q. Would you ever pursue modeling?

A. Yes

Q. How do you handle pressure?

A. I either meditate, sleep, or take time to absorb.

Q. What’s your type of girl?

A. Family oriented and morena

Q. Do you have any insecurities?

A. Very big shoe size - 14

Q. Where can they see you more

A. Titok and Instagram

Q. Favorite brand

A. Zara

Q. Favorite food

A. Korean chicken


Photography: Miggy Broño (for Kieffer and Sam)

Philip Vargas (for Patrick and Jcee)

Words by Kryzzle Cailing

Make-up: Mycke Arcano

Assisted by: Jam Jacobe

Stylist: Dave Arden

Production: Chardy Baldoza, The Hustle Moment PH

Studio: Studio Beehive PH



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