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Missing BTS? Here’s What They’ve Been Up To In the Past Weeks

Three weeks have passed since the biggest Korean act in the world, BTS, announced that they’ll be focusing on solo activities after 9 years of being together during their 2022 BTS Festa Dinner.

A lot has happened since then, so here’s a run-down on each member’s activities in the past weeks to keep you guys in the loop.

Jung Kook

Starting with the golden maknae of the group.

The first thing Jung Kook did after the announcement was to comfort their fans by going on VLive the next day. This is where he clarified that they aren’t disbanding like what other media outlets claimed and reassured their fans that BTS and ARMYs are forever.

That live stream went on for more than an hour with just him singing songs for ARMYs and doing his dishes. Yes, he did his dishes in front of millions of fans. Nothing out of the ordinary!

Nine days after his live stream, his collaboration with Charlie Puth, ‘Left and Right’, dropped. It was Jung Kook's first solo project since the Festa Dinner.

These days Jung Kook’s been keeping himself busy with a lot of things. Some of them are learning how to play drums and boxing! He also watched SEVENTEEN’S “Be The Sun” concert in Seoul last June 26.


One of the first things V did was tease ARMYs of what’s about to come in this new chapter by giving them a glimpse of.... what’s underneath his shirt.

If this is what chapter 2 is like then we’ll take it!

On June 27, V graced the streets of Paris with his beauty when he attended the CELINE fashion show with BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Actor Park Bo Gum. It was an iconic moment for both Korean entertainment and fans alike!

One more thing to anticipate this month from Taehyung is his show, ‘In The Soop: Friendship Trip’ with the Wooga squad including Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, Park Hyung Sik, and Peakboy. It is scheduled to premiere on July 22nd on JTBC.


On the same evening the 2022 BTS Festa Dinner was released, Jimin was seen watching a soccer game with his fellow member, J-Hope. While the ARMYs are still processing the break, the two were caught living their best lives. We love a JiHope moment even in the middle of an emotional crisis!

Similar to Taehyung, Korea’s It boy, Park Jimin, drove the whole BORAnation crazy with this photo that he took for Weverse Magazine.

Fans spotted Jimin watching his friend, Ha Sung Woon’s musical show, Midnight Sun, with Lee Sae On on June 27.

Jimin visited ARMY on Weverse on the 1st day of July with a photo of his ramyeon followed by a selfie. This little visit from Jimin made the whole fandom happy as he’s been more active on social media lately after being MIA for a few months before.


J-Hope is the first member to make a solo debut among the members. Aside from preparing for "Jack In The Box", the star was also spotted doing other things.

Jimin wasn’t the only friend he’d gone out with since the announcement. He was also spotted watching a basketball match with ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo last June 18 and was seen hanging out with Tom Sachs on June 26.

J-Hope released his first single, More, on July 1st.

Before the release of his album teasers, he already expressed his desire to show a different side of himself through his music. That’s exactly what he delivered with ‘More’ because this isn’t the same J-Hope that created Hope World.

J-Hope will drop his solo album, Jack In The Box, on July 15 before he headlines the upcoming Lollapalooza Festival on July 31st with other big names.


If you’re an ARMY, you’ll know that it is fitting to see SUGA in his hometown, Daegu, among other places. He takes his breaks seriously and would much prefer to rest at home than go on vacations, which is why it didn’t come as a surprise when he was spotted in the streets of his hometown.

What would force SUGA to go out other than his friend, Hobi? The two were spotted together with Tom Sachs, his wife, Sarah Hoover, and their son, Guy Sachs on June 22 in Seoul.

Apart from being a hit-maker, SUGA’s also a softie when it comes to ARMY. He visited his fans on June 30 to remind them to be careful on a rainy day. So sweet!


Three days after the announcement, the mat-hyung of the group, Jin, was seen with his friend, Chef Lee Yeon Bok, when the latter posted a photo of them together on Instagram.

Jin went on a trip to Jeju Island and shared some photos including a picture that broke the internet. He said that he just wanted to show his tattoo. But is the tattoo really the subject in this photo? You tell us, Seokjin.

Fans are speculating that the BTS member was filming a variety show in Jeju. I hope their hunch is right because we’d love to see Jin in a variety show again!


Meanwhile, RM was first spotted doing what he does best, Namjooning. The music genius shared photos from his trip to Switzerland, Germany, and Paris on Instagram after arriving back in Korea. He visited art exhibits and museums, just typical Namjoon things. His admiration for art and nature are some of the most lovable things about him apart from being the best leader BTS could ever have.

RM made the most out of his trip and recorded a podcast episode with Art Basel during his time in Paris.

He also attended the 25th-anniversary concert of a rock band, Jaurim on July 2.

What else has happened apart from the BTS’ “No More Clothes” era reveal on social media?

Matching tattoos

Six out of the seven members have shared photos of their friendship tattoos. Aside from Taehyung’s suspicious-looking tattoo, Yoongi’s the only one who hasn’t posted his tattoo yet. We’re waiting, Yoongi. No pressure tho!

BTS Island

BTS and ARMYs are keeping themselves busy playing the new BTS game, BTS Island. Both Jung Kook and RM have shared photos of them playing the game and even invited fans to join their clubs. Too bad only 30 members were allowed to join!

2030 Busan World Expo

BTS agreed to be the ambassadors of the 2030 Busan World Expo. The agreement involves various activities to support the bid including a major concert to be held sometime in 2023. I mean, what more assurance do you need if BTS already gave us something to look forward to next year?

The past weeks since the announcement have been a wild ride for ARMYs. They really have gone through everything from relentless crying to screaming over thirst traps in a matter of weeks! To sum it all up, BTS is still BTS. They have made it clear that this is not an end, but a much-needed pause; and ARMYs will continue to support them in this new chapter.

The best is yet to come and we are excited to see it!



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