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Nadine Lustre Embraces Her Twenties with Her Newest Single, 'Overgrown'

Discovering what Nadine Lustre really wants is not something to be thought of overnight. As she maneuvers her transformative years, it takes a tapestry of choices and a lot of detours. It’s quite daunting to be at the crossroads, but for her, it's a series of learning adventures.

Often seen as an empowered woman, Nadine is one to tell that all the profound experiences only make her stronger. Being one of the sought-out stars in her twenties was never smooth sailing. But overtime, she has come to terms with all of these.

As she makes a grand comeback to the music scene this year, 'President Nadine' embraces her nostalgic past and finds solace in the process of personal growth and acceptance through her heartfelt, latest single.

On outgrowing some things in her 20s

Kapit ka lang, girl!” In the midst of the hustle and bustle of a highly-saturated industry as show business, this is the exact phrase that singer, actress, and entrepreneur Nadine Lustre would tell her young adult self. As she laughs and reminisces about the highs and lows of her early twenties, the advice she would tell her 21-year-old self is kinder and more encouraging.

Contrary to what other people think, a household name like Nadine does not just experience the glitz and glamor of her celebrity status at all times. It's always easy to forget what public figures like Nadine have gone through to get where they are today. And to be where she is and what she has become now, is not a walk in the park as it takes an ounce of courage and a level of maturity to survive, yet still sparkle.

In an exclusive interview with PARCINQ Magazine, the soon-to-be 30-year-old singer muses about her youth and how she has rebuilt and found herself throughout her colorful life in the entertainment industry.

“It’s not going to be easy,” shares the “Own It” songstress. “But remember, after all these challenges, you’re going to be stronger than ever. It’s [going to be] uncomfortable, but it’s normal.”

During her twenties, Nadine has become resilient and tough as she faces the highs and lows of her personal life and career. With all the strong strides she has made since then, she remains headstrong and even more powerful.

Now that she's about to embark on a new chapter, she'll be the one to tell you that age is just a number. But her goals from her twenties are now different.

“I think the reason why I was nervous is because I kind of wanted my goals in my twenties to be accomplished before I turned 30,” shares the award-winning actress, adding that she would often talk about this anxiety with her friends. “[They would tell me], ‘Why are you even worrying [about that] when you’ve achieved so much in your twenties? How can you not possibly be satisfied wherever you are now,’” These questions—while introspective—perturbed Lustre at that time. “I think I [was] just scared that my goals are [going to] change.”

As her birthday comes closer (she’s celebrating a new decade in her life this October), she's now more than excited for what lies ahead and she has become even more grateful for what she has toppled and braved in the rollercoaster of a ride that is her twenties. That's why she dedicated a song about it, carrying that very message: "Overgrown"

On embracing her past

It's no contention that Nadine's diverse discography throughout the years reveals so much of her growth as an artist. From her bubblegum pop songs to introspective tracks, there's no amount of misogynistic critics that can void her contribution and relevance to the ever-evolving OPM scene.

Nadine is always on the lookout for new ways to evolve her style. Those most familiar with her music are no strangers to experimentation. Now, she returns to the scene with "Overgrown,” a much braver and experimental sound than her previous releases. This introspective track is drill-based and tastefully mixed with drum and bass elements which emotionally expresses her coming to terms with all that she's encountered as she welcomes her new decade.

Knowing her tenacity, she's taken the songwriting process in a completely new direction. Originally written and recorded in Siargao, she says that the place did not just change her mindset, but it also sets an enchanting soundscape. For her, the Mindanao island was a perfect description of the slower days she loves on the popular enclave and the tranquil moments that exude nothing less than absolute genuineness.

"Siargao completely changed my mindset,” shares the multi-hyphenate Nadine, adding that the island life made her more at peace now. “When I moved to Siargao, that was the time I started relaxing even more. I take things slower now. It played a huge part in “Overgrown” because it sets the mood and shows the emotion of the whole song," she quips.

With this, she gives utmost importance to authenticity as this is the kind of artist she's always imagined herself to be, which can be felt through the song's emotions.

Pullquote: "It's really important to be authentic because I'm telling my story to all my listeners and I want them to get to know me more through my music."

Being an independent artist, she says that independence is often achieved through great efforts. But she's grateful for the help of WILD Entertainment, a 360-entertainment company from South Korea, as she joins forces with them for the release of the track.

The “Wait for Me” singer says that she worked well with Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying and producer Josh Wei in which she described their synergy as “an efficient work-and-play balance.” Evidently, the alternative pop piece with striking beats married with the lyrical prowess of Nadine turns out well, resonating greatly with a message of personal growth and acceptance.

Paying homage to her past, Nadine has overgrown and outgrown a lot of things for the better, and she wants to transcend a compelling message of seeking inner peace to her fans. "We go through a lot of things, but at the end of the day, we should be grateful for them because we won't be standing here, and we won't be the same person that we are today if not for all the things that we went through," she shares.

From the artist we once saw dancing to the tune of “Paligoy-ligoy” on MYX, to an artist who's not afraid to explore more of what she can do, Nadine is surely not the one to worry about exceeding expectations and breaking barriers. She's strong, smart, and fierce, but at the same time authentic, relatable, and vulnerable—and that is what makes her an artist in her own league and the 'President' of her own nation.



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