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Navigating Extreme Post-Concert Blues After TREASURE’s Best Concert Yet in Manila

Every morning after a concert, a strange mix of emotions always greets me—neither pure joy nor sorrow, but a yearning for the night’s magic to linger a little longer. It’s a feeling familiar to many, akin to drifting through the day with the melodies still echoing in our soul while our body moves through the world.

Yet, despite experiencing this magic multiple times, why do I still feel empty and sad whenever the concert ends?

Amid the lineup of K-pop groups gracing the Philippines since pandemic restrictions eased, I’ve attended only four, and three of which belonged to the 10-member boy group from YG Entertainment, Treasure.

Among these, the K-pop Masterz concert in 2022 with GOT7’s Jackson Wang and BamBam marked the group’s first overseas performance. As perhaps the most dedicated Teume in my circle of friends, I couldn’t pass up the chance to witness their live energy, especially during the pandemic when their music provided me comfort and made my days bearable.

Although brief due to the joint nature of the event, Treasure’s stage presence left us craving more. I remember posting an Instagram story back then with the text, “The stage is Treasure’s playground, and it shows.”

After that, I made sure to attend their first solo concert in the country, the “Hello Tour,” last year, which was nothing short of extraordinary. They were born for the stage. And just when I thought that was their best, they exceeded all expectations and rebooted full circle with their recent performances at the Mall of Asia Arena during the first leg of their “Relay Tour.”

Bringing every Teume to “wonderland,” leader Hyunsuk aptly remarked that they were bound to incite positive madness—and indeed, they did!

But what’s special about the third time I saw them? It was more than just witnessing their pure talent once again, more than just their live vocals and choreographies, and more than just their funny banters.

As I stood among fellow Teumes in Lower Box 217, enveloped by the pulsating energy of the concert and singing “Bona Bona” with all my heart in the opening, it dawned on me that each encounter with Treasure is not merely a repetition of past experiences, but a brand new chapter in our collective story—the evolution of their artistry, the evolution of our fandom, and the evolution of our bond with the group.

I would say I’m not the type of person who talks a lot and gives out all energy on a daily basis, but on that night, it felt like I was reenergized and hyped to such an extent that I felt safe expressing my emotions, shouting with everyone “walang uuwi” and losing my voice afterward.

The atmosphere was so different that Hyunsuk and the rest of the members felt compelled to extend the show and add another set of encore stages—and this time, I jumped, I cried, I jumped a little more, all without cellphones, just as the group had instructed us, to simply feel the moment and enjoy each remaining time.

Afterall, they wouldn’t shout “the best kayo!” for nothing. And I must say, that night was also their best concert yet.

The third time seeing them live was a reaffirmation of why their music resonates so deeply with me. It wasn’t just about the performance, but the emotions it stirred within me—the joy, the excitement, the nostalgia, the healing, and yes, even the post-concert blues. Everything’s valid, and let’s not allow other people to dictate how we do our concerts, how we enjoy things, and how we genuinely celebrate the love we have for the 10 K-pop gems.

So, while the post-concert blues may linger for a while, they are but a reminder to the depth of the experience and the invisible string shared between us and Treasure. As I reflect on these feelings, I realize that I wouldn’t trade the bittersweet aftermath of a concert for anything, even if I had to go through this again and again.

How do I cope with PCD? I just don't. I let the feelings subside and cherish all the moments, allowing the memories to linger and bring comfort until the next concert. It's like storing treasures in my heart, ready to be revisited whenever I need a reminder of the joy and excitement I once experienced.

As I eagerly anticipate their next concert, I find comfort in knowing that no matter how many times I’ve seen them perform, each moment spent with Treasure feels like coming home to a place where I truly belong.

*Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not represent the official stance of Parcinq Magazine, its affiliates, or its staff.



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