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NIKI Returns to the Scene with Introspective '24'

Photo from nikizefanya/Instagram

Currently caught in an LSS loop with “Take a Chance with Me,” or are “High School in Jakarta” and “Every Summertime” still holding their spots as two of your favorite tracks?

Here’s a chance to add another song to your playlist as Indonesian singer-songwriter NIKI has just dropped her latest single “24,” on Jan. 12.

In an Instagram post, the “Lowkey” artist shared that, as she approaches turning 25 this year, she decided to release a new song “in an attempt to synthesize my early twenties, and the many humbling things I have learned up to this point.”

In the verses of NIKI’s introspective lyrics, she captures the paradox of wisdom gained and the realization of the vastness of the unknown. 

“I know more than I ever have, and yet nothing at all,” speaks to the complexity of personal growth, where the more she learns, the more she recognizes the depth of what she doesn’t know. 

The track serves as a love letter to the continuous journey of self-discovery and the ever-expanding horizons of knowledge and understanding as people mature: “This song is about being young & world-weary, about nuance, about how life is a relentless blend of pain and joy all at once all the time, about knowing more than you ever have, and yet nothing at all.”

This marks NIKI’s first release since the 2023 live recording of her album, “Nicole,” featuring several hits like the aforementioned tracks. 



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