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Oh Shux! BINI had us ‘Pantropiko-ing’ and Laughing in January

If you’re chronically online, chances are you’ve come across BINI’s uproarious videos on X—from Jhoanna’s “Kinulang,” Sheena and Maloi’s “Cookie na may mani,” to Maloi’s “Puttanesca,” and more (IYKYK).

The nation’s girl group is on a hot streak lately, with each viral moment delivering sheer hilarity.

Recently, Maloi made her debut on Koreaboo, by jokingly gifting a Bloom 1000 pesos for “pamasahe” after attending one of their events. The article aptly describes the incident as “that’s what you call an idol.”

The video, currently amassing two million views as of writing, has not only grabbed the attention of the Korean entertainment site but also that of “Can't Buy Me Love” star Maris Racal, sparking a candid exchange.

Maloi’s comment on Maris’ Instagram post reads, “PRETTY ATEEE,” eliciting a playful response from Maris: “penge pamasahe.”

Could this be the beginning of a bestie bond? The resemblance is striking, and we can only predict one thing: a riot of laughter!

But the group’s success doesn’t halt at viral videos. BINI’s latest summer anthem, “Pantropiko,” has been hailed as the greatest gainer on the Spotify Philippines Viral Songs chart as of Jan. 9, surging an impressive 17 spots to claim the no. 38 position.

Blooms and casual listeners took to social media to express their excitement about this milestone. 

BINI’s versatility and creativity shine through in their ability to connect with a diverse audience through humor and music. As they ride the waves of success, Blooms eagerly anticipate the unexpected and delightful surprises the group has in store for 2024.

But for now, we’re just chanting “Pantropiko Pantropiko Ohhhh” as we eagerly await the next ganap!



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