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#ParcinqBeauty: Kiss of Bliss with barenbliss

You found yourself whisked away into your dream Valentine’s date with Benedict Cumberbatch. You feel kilig as you prepare an hour before — and all you have to do is to look your best with your signature romantic makeup.

Pink blush at the ready, a long-lasting lip tint that looks natural, waterproof mascara, and a soft pink-toned eyeshadow palette; you’ve got to make the eyes the main attraction. And this is how beauty guru Toni Sia wants everything to be.

As the 27-year-old content creator prepares for her ideal date night, which consists of eating out at a good restaurant, indulging in her favorite dessert, and ending the evening with a soothing massage, she might take a good 30 minutes to warm up. But once she immerses herself into the atmosphere, the subtle love-struck transition unfolds.

“I might be a little shy,” she shares. “But then after that, it’s all good. I’d love to share what my interests are and also my taste in music.”

Being an Aries that she is, talking about her passions and interests happens naturally. As the night rolls like a scene from a romantic film, each moment becomes more magical than the last, and she’s all about having that romantic radiance beaming at its full intensity. 

Her secret? Embracing the kiss of bliss by prioritizing herself inside out because she firmly believes that, “you glow differently when you take care of yourself.”

Love Blooms

For Toni Sia, looking her best is more than just a surface-level affair. It’s about that inner glow and the quiet bloom of love that follows. That giddy feeling she gets evolves into something more beautiful and everlasting. 

In these blissful moments, her radiance is not just about appearance but reflects an inner joy. And for this love month, the Communication Arts graduate from De La Salle University believes that Valentine’s day “isn’t just for romantic dates with our loved ones—it starts with ourselves.”

This is where her beauty routine takes center stage; for her, it’s the perfect time to organize a self-care day, as she expresses, “Nothing feels better than having a day all to yourself. Play your favorite music, try on different dresses, and experiment with makeup looks that suit you and make you feel good.”

But it’s definitely not a walk in the park. Navigating the realms of beauty and style has undoubtedly been a journey of trial and error, even for Toni herself. It takes time and resources, and it’s an investment. 

“Through years of continuously learning about beauty and style and being passionate about them,” she reflects, “I now know what colors flatter me best, what styles of clothing accentuate my body type, and how I want to present myself to the world.”

The evolution in her approach to beauty and style is a testament to the wisdom gained through experimentation over time, and she encourages everyone to continue trying different styles and staying updated with the latest trends.

Well, for some, they try to fulfill their beauty resolutions they’ve set for themselves every year. But for Toni, it’s more about religiously maintaining what she already knows works best for herself and sticking to products she knows won’t let her down.

Blissful Beauty 

As a well-known beauty and lifestyle creator, with more than 400K followers on Instagram and more than 750K subscribers on YouTube, Toni often finds herself inundated with questions about makeup, sought after for her expert advice and trusted recommendations. 

With her knowledge and keen eye for detail, she has become a go-to source for beauty enthusiasts seeking guidance on makeup techniques, product selections, and skincare routines.

While collaborating with barenbliss for the Feb-ibig month, Toni feels delighted to be a part of the campaign, sharing her genuine appreciation for their products. She’s been admiring the brand since its launch and personally enjoys using them, confessing that she’s been a fan.

One particular favorite of hers is the Apple Makes Adorable Mousse Tint, where she “haven’t been able to put down.”

For the season of dates and love, she also finds confidence in using their products. As someone who gravitates towards romantic makeup, she particularly loves their kiss-proof lip tints, perfect for dates, and their latest eyeshadow (Dream Chaser Quad Eyeshadow) palette that adds a romantic glow to her look.

Her “ideal date night” with her ultimate celebrity crush, Benedict Cumberbatch, wouldn’t be complete without grooming her brows with the Set n Slick Lasting Browcara and relying on the True Beauty Inside Cushion to perfect her complexion and give her skin a healthy, beautiful finish, ensuring she feels confident and radiant for the dreamy evening ahead. 

These trusted beauty staples seamlessly enhance her natural features, allowing her beauty to shine through effortlessly, and making every moment with her date or even just with herself even more enchanting and blissful. 

And we bet Toni takes an “everything shower” as she always does, and doesn’t skimp on her perfume! 

With all these taking-care-of-yourself tips, Toni believes that the essence of beauty isn’t solely defined by the right formula or ease of application. It’s about feeling good about yourself, no matter what, for as long as you embrace your individuality and express yourself authentically, not just during the Valentine’s season, but everyday. 

That’s when the kiss of bliss sweeps you away, leading you to your dream date with Doctor Strange himself, or just anyone who ignites the spark of love and brings out the best in you.


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Styling by James Bradlee

Makeup by Rocel Talosig

Hair by Marco Lopez (Marqed Salon)

Editorial Assistance by Arkeen Perez

Photography Assistance by Royd Loyola

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Produced in partnership with barenbliss

Campaign Direction by Key Lyn Trajano of bnb team

Creative Direction by Matthew Salud of bnb team

Shot at Studio LAJ

Toni wears Mini Floral Tier Dress By Juliana Studios (@julianastudios_)



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