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#PARCINQBeauty 'Moreno' by Mycke Arcano

In a society where fair and white skin is perceived as beautiful, it can be easy for tan and brown-skinned Filipinos to feel insecure, ashamed, and embarrassed of the natural color of their skin. But skin isn't just skin, and beauty isn't just skin deep. That's why for #PARCINQbeauty, we are reclaiming the beauty of our brown skin. Having Moreno skin is sexy, masculine, and extremely beautiful — just look at Ben Siao, Kit Digno and Dennis Gascon.

Photography by Francis Xavier

Styling Dave Arden of Ardenstyleph

Fashion by Efraim Villanueva

Makeup by Janica Cleto

Hair by Mycke Arcano

Assisted by Lei Froyalde

Featuring Ben Siao, Kit Digno and Dennis Gascon

Shot at Beyond Concepts Studio with Special thanks to Vincent Sy


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