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#ParcinqFashion: Le Citadin by Joaquin

Amid the city’s pulsating rhythm, Joaquin Rodrigo redefines urban posh with Le Citadin for #ParcinqFashion. Streets transform into runways in his latest collection, and every stitch, featuring crop silhouettes, exaggerated collars, and drop shoulders, mirrors the dynamic spirit of the metropolis—a seamless blend of contemporary elegance and urban vitality.

Infusing his take on romanticized city wardrobe with Jungsun K. as his muse, Rodrigo reinvents classics and brings tailored menswear to the forefront of the Filipino market. Eschewing the title of a fashion designer, the rising creative navigates his own path in the industry, where passion, creativity, and an intrinsic sense of style transcend traditional labels. 

With authenticity woven into every piece, the budding stylist’s approach resonates with a diverse audience, creating a fashion experience that is sustainable, inclusive, and in the now.

Next year, Rodrigo hopes to manifest slow fashion, echoing a collective call for sustainability and ethics. With a commitment to eco-friendly alternatives, he aims to reshape the industry’s impact on the environment, proving that even small steps can lead to significant strides—all while staying in style.

Designer Joaquin Rodrigo

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Grooming by Mycke Arcano

Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Musing by Jungsun K. of W Management 

Featuring design pieces by Joaquin Rodrigo

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