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#PARCINQSuperFresh Featuring Patrick Rocamora of VXON

Mundane things in life are often overlooked—the gentle sunrise, the comforting wind, the little wonders. But amid the daily grind, Patrick Rocamora of VXON finds beauty in simplicity, encouraging us to appreciate life’s seemingly ordinary moments.

For VXON’s main dancer, he believes that if #PARCINQSuperFresh were ever to be personified, it would undoubtedly be him, as he finds happiness even in small things.

“I think that’s one of the main reasons why I continue what I am doing because I always appreciate things even in the simplest form,” he optimistically shares. 

Nearly celebrating two years in the P-pop scene, the bunso—describing himself as the cutest member of the group—appreciates all the things, big and small, that Vixies, their fans, exert in their events and mall shows. 

The young idol fondly reminisces about their series of mall tours, where their fans braved heavy rains and power outages, determined to stay. Despite the distant venue, they pressed on, and in the middle of the crowded show, Patrick was touched to see fans generously giving photocards and cheering for him and the rest of the members.

Random and heartwarming moments like these, often neglected by others, make Patrick realize that being a member of VXON is the best thing that has happened to him. It allows him to be with and surrounded by the best people, whom he treasures for a lifetime.

When asked about his greatest accomplishment yet, VXON’s “happiest person” reflects on his journey from the time he was just a trainee, dreaming of becoming who he exactly is right now. 

Now, having traveled to different countries within a year alongside his bandmates, the “Avengers” fan finds it surreal to hold his own passport and experience such amazing things while doing what he loves. For him, the long-winding journey, far from over, remains his greatest achievement so far, a testament to the dreams realized and the exciting path that lies ahead.

Patrick has come to appreciate not only the grand moments but also the beauty in the everyday moments—the quiet sunrises, the comforting routines. This makes the journey more meaningful to him, as he finds happiness in even the smallest, most ordinary things.

Q. If you could only talk to one VXON member for a week, who would you choose and why?

Patrick: “Depending on what i need (laughs)

Sam - If I need someone na puro kalokohan na may wisdom

C13 - If I need someone who’ll play online games with me

Franz - No choice housemate ko na siya

Vince - Kapag gusto ko ng katahimikan (laughs)”

Q. Which VXON track do you feel represents you the most?

Patrick: “Dulo. Because every lyric defines our relationship as a group and to our fandom as well. Also Sandal, because it is the start of our new music.”

Q. Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies that readers might find surprising or intriguing?

Patrick: “I love playing online games with other members. I love spending time with my family even for an hour, and if we have a free day. I love parties where I can dance all night.”

Q. Where do you see yourself in 2024? 

Patrick: “2024, I’m dreaming of having our concert tours; looking forward to more Vixies that we can see every event; having a peaceful fandom; and dreaming of more opportunities for us, VXON.”

Q. What's your message to your Vixies?

Patrick: “Vixies! Thank you for all the years, months and days that you’ve been with us. Thank you for always supporting our releases, events and even merch to show your love. We all love you and we all care for you! Our goal is to bring happiness to each one of you and be your safest place. I hope that you’ll never stop showing your support and love to us because you are our source of energy. I want this family to be bigger and I want to treasure each one of you.”


Photography by Wilmark Jolindon

Creative Direction by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Production Coordination by Chardy Baldoza

Styling by Ryebread

Hair and Make Up by Bhads Castor

Special thanks to Cornerstone Entertainment, The Purple Work, and Top Tea

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Shot at Studio LAJ



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