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#PARCINQSuperFresh Featuring River Joseph

Have you ever considered someone who just seems destined for something special? I have, and I've seen it in River Joseph—a rising actor to watch out for.

River’s path to stardom might seem unexpected at first. But it feels like the stars have aligned perfectly for the host, model, and actor at the right time. River started out modeling for commercials, and the sheer enjoyment of the experience snowballed into more opportunities he could never have imagined. And his secret? “I am just being myself,” he reveals.

Having signed with Rise Artist Studio and Star Magic, River realized he had come full circle with the stars he looked up to as a kid when he attended the ABS-CBN Ball. Being in the presence of veteran artists is a defining moment in his career, and he eagerly anticipates collaborating with them in the future. Beyond that, the 24-year old artist is keen to enhance his craft. “My goal for 2024 is to improve, learn more skills, have more projects, and build more relationships,” he shares.

This year has indeed been filled with many firsts for River. It marked his inaugural film shoot abroad, his debut in teleseryes, and his first post-pandemic international leisure travel. And as he adds ‘being featured in a magazine’ to the list, let’s talk a little bit more about River’s acting journey and how he's been faring in our conversation for #PARCINQSuperFresh.

Q. Could you share a bit about your transition from being a TVC actor to working on the small and big screens?

River: After doing TVC acting for over two years, I wanted to play characters with a deeper story. It was a hard transition at first because the two are very different. In TVC acting, the actions are more precise and timed. You are only given a few seconds to convey your message, so every action is crucial. In TV acting, it's more natural, and you are given more time to feel and act on those emotions.

Q. What sets you apart from other rising actors, and what do you consider your unique edge?

River: The other rising actors are very talented and have a very bright future ahead of them. What would set me apart is the way I approach and act out the characters that will be given to me.

Q. Congratulations on your first film and landing a lead role! What has it been like working with Direk Cathy and being part of an international film, especially since "Toss Coin" was shot in Hong Kong?

River: It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. It's every actor's dream to be able to work with Direk Cathy, and it was truly a dream come true for me. I hope to work with her and her team again in the future. Working with the Hong Kong team made the overall trip very smooth and convenient.

Q. You've been part of projects with star-studded casts like He's Into Her S2, Toss Coin, The Iron Heart, and Teen Clash. What takeaways do you have from working alongside these prominent names in the industry?

River: My biggest takeaway from them would be to always be prepared and ready. Do not come into the set if you have not read the script or memorized your lines. Even in off-season or when waiting for projects, it is important to continue learning new skills and improving current skills so that when the time comes, you are ready.

Q. What's your message to your supporters?

River: I just want to thank River Joseph OFC, Supremacies, and River Joseph Global for all their continuous support. I did not just gain fans, but people I now call friends. I would not be where I am and would not be able to keep going without you guys. I thank those who have believed in me, especially since day one, and I promise I won’t let you guys down.


Photography by Raymond Cauilan

Creative Directorion by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Production Coordination by Chardy Baldoza

Styling by Mark Ranque 

Hair and Make Up by Mycke Arcano

Special thanks to Rise Artist Studio and Star Magic

Words and Interview by Kryzzle Cailing

Shot at 48 Castor House Studio



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