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Sailor Moon Sequel to Hit Theaters in 2021

This is not a drill—the prettiest guardians of the Earth will officially be back in theaters next year to defend us from evil!

The special trailer of Sailor Moon Eternal dropped in early December teases us of the Sailor Soldiers’ magical transformation and Super Sailor Moon vowing to protect Mamoru and the entire world.

Originally slated for September 2020, the airing of the upcoming two-part movie was pushed back to 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Part 1 will soon be released on January 8 and Part 2 on February 11 in cinemas across Japan.

As the latest installment of Takeuchi Naoko's iconic magical girl franchise in the ’90s, Sailor Moon Eternal will serve as a continuation and the fourth season of Sailor Moon Crystal which first aired in 2014. The films will reportedly cover the "Dead Moon" arc as a more faithful adaptation of the original manga.

For those not familiar, the show follows the adventures of a teenage girl, Usagi Tsukino, also known as Sailor Moon. She is joined by her friends who are also Sailor Soldiers to defend the Earth against different forces of evil.

We, the fans of the prettiest legendary guardians get old, but they never did. For those who felt a bit of nostalgia and wanted to binge-watch Sailor Moon, we prepared an ideal order to watch the series:

  1. Sailor Moon

  2. Sailor Moon R

  3. Sailor Moon S

  4. Sailor Moon SuperS

  5. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

  6. Sailor Moon Crystal

That order is enough to watch the actual show, but you may also want to check out the three movies released in the middle of each season:

  1. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R: The Movie

  2. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S The Movie

  3. Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS: The Nine Sailor Soldiers Unite! Miracle of the Black Dream Hole

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Additional text by Joseph Pilapil



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