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SANRIO X NCT: A Collab We Never Thought We Needed!

NCTzens and Sanrio fans, rejoice! The two brands have teamed up to create some adorable merch for stans of both. From the cute photocard holders, collect books, ID acrylic frames, and uchiwa covers, Sanrio does really spoil us with cute essentials for our merches. So if you're a fan of both Hello Kitty and NCT, this collaboration is definitely a dream come true!

On the recent Instagram post of SM Town Store, they teased us with a caption, “Meet NCT and the cute characters from Sanrio! Sanrio came to visit NCT Town where NCT members live🏡.”

Tons of NCTzens in the comment sections of the post expressed their excitement in this collab. I mean, we all are. *shrieks*

According to Single List Korea, “The pop-up store will present a variety of products such as the town concept photo zone, where NCT members' characters and Sanrio friends live, photo card holders using collaboration art, trading cards, and stickers.”

These merches are definitely to die for!

In addition to making this collab even more exciting, SMTOWN & STORE launched an exclusive pop-up store to commemorate it. From June 30th to August 21st, NCT fans will be able to explore an exclusive collaboration celebrating the fun and kawaii culture of both brands. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of NCT and Sanrio!

Photo courtesy of NCT Official Instagram

I'm sure you're dying to know how to get these Sanrio and NCT collaboration items.

Don't fret; Parcinq has your back, besties!

Here are three ways to get your hands on this exclusive merch:

Place an order direct from Korean Online Stores

If you’re a patient NCTzen who knows how to order internationally, especially on Korean sites, then you can easily buy it through the official and a Korean shopping retail site,

Join PH Group Orders on Facebook or Twitter

But if you’re an NCTzen who doesn’t have any idea on how to order on the official sites, then BNS Twitter and Facebook are your best bet. You can join PH Group Orders, just easily search “wts nct Sanrio ph” then tada!! You’ll get to see Twitter shops that’ll open a PH GO for Sanrio x NCT. But please be extra careful about what shop you’ll trust. Check the shop's proofs and their customer’s feedback. Be extra mindful, besties!

Visit Sanrio & NCT Official pop-up stores

And if the odds are in your favor and you’re currently having a splendid time in Korea, then you can visit SMTOWN & STORE and 11st’s pop-up stores in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

Lastly, to hype you up with this thrilling collab, here are the NCT members as Sanrio characters:



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