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Sparkle Celebrates Women with the Unveiling of their Sparkle 10

Sparkle GMA Artist Center launches a collective group of diverse women who are all empowered, intelligent, and beautiful.  

Introducing the Sparkle 10, an all-women powerhouse featuring Sparkle stars who are self-assured about their sensuality and womanhood. They are artists Ashley Ortega, Angel Guardian, Elle Villanueva, Faith Da Silva, Kate Valdez, Lexi Gonzales, Lianne Valentin, Liezel Lopez, Rabiya Mateo, and Shuvee Etrata. 

Each of them comes from different backgrounds and with unique experiences that shaped them to become the women they are today, The Sparkle 10 embodies the traits of a modern Filipina woman, one who claims her own identity and womanhood and is her true unapologetic self. 

As Sparkle continues its commitment to inspire and initiate conversations, the talent management agency deemed it fit to highlight these women who are unafraid to take up space and sparkle wherever they go. 

Meet the Sparkle 10. 

Angel Guardian

Age: 25

Sparkle’s ultimate manic-pixie dream girl, Angel Guardian is off to reach greater heights this 2024 having been announced as one of the newest Sang’gres alongside big stars Bianca Umali, Faith Da Silva, and Kelvin Miranda. But before she landed the ultimate dream role, Angel had already starred in Kapuso shows such as “Heartful Cafe,” “Mano po Legacy: The Flower Sisters,” and “Pepito Manaloto: Ang Unang Kwento,” and is also the first winner of “Running Man Philippines.”  As an artist, her commanding presence is incomparable. 

Ashley Ortega

Age: 25

Sparkle’s  Ice Princess is set to heat up the system as she becomes part of the Sparkle 10. This renowned figure skater might be a staple on the ice but her warmth and artistry can make you melt. Ashley has starred in numerous GMA shows namely “Royal Blood,” “Hearts On Ice,” “Widows’ Web,” “Legal Wives,” “Sahaya,” and a lot more. She’s set to take center stage in the upcoming GMA series “Pulang Araw.” Her luxurious looks also landed her the role of a brand ambassador for Uni Silver jewelry. All eyes are on her as she takes on one project after another. 

Elle Villanueva

Age: 27

Sparkle 10’s morena beauty Elle Villanueva cements her stance as one of Sparkle’s feisty and sultry Kapuso leading ladies as she stars in GMA’s high-rated show “Makiling.” Elle is the epitome of seduction having played provocative roles in GMA shows such as “Return to Paradise” and “Tadhana.” Her versatility knows no bounds having starred in top-rated Kapuso shows such as “Voltes V: Legacy,” “Dear Uge,” and “Hearts On Ice.” In the recently held Diamond Excellence Awards she was also recognized as the Most Promising TV Actress of this generation. 

Faith Da Silva

Age: 22

Shaking up things further in 2024 is one of the most promising Sparkle stars today, Faith Da Silva. A true Sparkle 10 in her own right, Faith has already starred in feisty Kapuso shows such as “Mga Lihim ni Urduja,” “Sahaya,” “Las Hermanas,” “Anay ni Waray vs. Anak ni Biday,” and more. Faith is also one of the bubbliest hosts on the noontime variety show “TikToClock.” This year, she’s bolder and more vivacious as she joins the newest Sang’gres of this generation. 

Kate Valdez

Age: 22

One of Sparkle’s well-kept gems, Kate Valdez is out to prove how multifaceted an artist she is as she joins Sparkle 10 and stars in the newest Kapuso show “Shining Inheritance.” Since 2015, she’s been showing off her versatility having starred in Kapuso shows “Encantadia,” “Sahaya,” “Unica Hija,” “Love on Air,” “Onanay,” and more. Kate is the very embodiment of strength and grace. 

Lexi Gonzales

Age: 22

The First Princess of Starstruck 2019 is one of the most versatile Sparkle stars of today. Lexi Gonzales can act, host, sing, dance, and more. She has starred in multiple Kapuso shows such as “Love You Stranger,” “Happy ToGetHer: TGirl,” “Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko: Sa Ilalim ng Buwan,” and the like. As a true all-rounder, Lexi also joined the ensemble cast of GMA’s reality show, “Running Man Philippines,” which is already in its second season. She was also recently a courtside reporter for NCAA Philippines. 

Lianne Valentin

Age: 22

It’s Lianne Valentin’s world and we’re all just living in it. One of Sparkle’s most sought-after actresses of today is joining Sparkle 10. Lianne’s a scene stealer in groundbreaking shows such as “Royal Blood,” “Lovers/Liars,” “Apoy sa Langit,” and “Hearts On Ice.” If there’s anything this Sparkle star can do, that is to be a major mainstream success. Lianne is full of surprises and we can’t wait to see what is next.

Liezel Lopez

Age: 26

Make way for Sparkle’s ultimate kontrabida Liezel Lopez. Liezel is best known for playing the antagonists in Kapuso shows such as “Kara Mia,” “Babawiin Ko Ang Lahat,” and “Voltes V: Legacy.” This 2024, she’s taking on a new challenge as she stars in the newest Kapuso show “Asawa ng Asawa Ko,” and joins the seductive Sparkle 10. She’s hot, she’s sultry, and she’s set to capture your attention. 

Rabiya Mateo

Age: 27

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo is a beauty through and through. Apart from pageantry, Rabiya has a knack for acting and has already starred in Kapuso shows such as “Makiling,” “Royal Blood,” “First Lady,” and “Agimat ng Agila.” With her vibrant energy, Rabiya has also become one of the staple hosts of the Kapuso variety show “Tiktoclock.” Recently, she’s been announced as the newest endorser of Hairfix. 

Shuvee Etrata

Age: 22

Sparkle’s rising southern star completes the list of the women of  Sparkle 10. Shuvee Etrata, a TikTok sensation at the height of the pandemic, has come a long long way.  Shuvee is already making her mark having hosted one of Sparkle’s pillar events, the 2023 Sparkle Spell Halloween Ball. The future is sparkling for this sultry woman as she also joins the cast of GMA’s highly-anticipated primetime show “Sang’gre.”  Shuvee is also a regular host on the GMA morning show “Unang Hirit.”



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