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Thai R&B Duo PURPLECAT Links Up with Filipino Siblings Act YSANYGO for Collab Single 'Sunny When I'm With You'

Thai duo Purplecat teams up with Filipino siblings duo Ysanygo on “Sunny When I’m With You,” a new single that celebrates the magic of being in love.

The smooth R&B track showcases the best of both worlds, inviting listeners into a realm where every moment is a little more illuminated—a little sunnier. 

Delivering a captivating mellow sound with lighthearted arrangements and lo-fi beats, “Sunny When I’m With You” exudes the beauty of being romantically swept away by someone whose company brings light and sunshine to your everyday routine. 

“This is a love song written from a place of honesty and confidence,” Purplecat shares in a collective statement. “It expresses the feelings of falling in love with someone at first sight and relishing in the excitement of spending time together with the person you’re pining for.”

For their part, Ysanygo came up with the melody of the chorus first and produced the song for Purplecat, who in return, penned the lyrics that entail situations of going on a date with the subject of affection. 

The eclectic duo adds, “We’re really grateful to Ysanygo for being open-minded throughout the entire process. We love their work so much that we don’t want to change anything, except for a few parts.”

“Sunny When I’m With You” serves as Purplecat’s first international collaboration and marks the duo’s plan to expand their reach on a global scale, particularly in Southeast Asia where there’s demand for their music. The R&B duo is composed of Mon Napasin Chaisri on vocals, who provides soulful delivery with a touch of melancholy, and Palm Pholrutt Sirirutt, who injects cool synthesizer sounds and rap verses to the mix.

Ysanygo is a genre-fluid sibling duo from the Philippines, composed of Ysabel and Yñigo Ferraz. The alt-pop pairing is part of this year’s Spotify RADAR, an annual program committed to bringing emerging talent to the forefront of the global music landscape. 



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