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Top 6 Queer Films Where the MC Ventures Beyond Their Home

Cover art by Rojan Maguyon

Collecting a piece of your life takes a step in the right direction. Here, it’s towards a new adventure! Every new place has unique experiences, people, and memories. So today, we’ll talk about the top 6 gay films where the MC ventures beyond their home!

Even the slightest distance can take your breath away from new countries, new provinces, and even short trips. Which will be your favorite? Let’s find out!

A Tale of Thousand Stars

A Tale of Thousands Stars is one of the top Thai BL dramas released in 2021, known for how its beautiful romance blends perfectly with the dramatic plot. After getting a heart transplant, Tian ventures to the mountains as a volunteer teacher in a small village and meets the soldier Phupha. The villagers began to love Tian for his actions, not knowing that he was hiding a tragic secret!

Present Perfect

In the 2017 Thai movie Present Perfect, the story follows Toey, who suffered from a breakup. In his sadness, he goes on a trip to Japan, Higashikawa, where he meets a man named Oat. In this simple journey far from home, they pick up their broken pieces and fall in love. But there’s one problem: Oat is about to get married!

Peach of Time

Peach of Time is the first Thai BL to collaborate with Korea. The drama features a young Thai boy named Peach who travels to Korea to fulfill a promise with his Korean friend Yun Oh. Peach starts living in his home and finds that Yun Oh had a lousy relationship with his own mother. On the road to helping his friend, Peach realizes that things are not what they seem!

Nowhere to Go

In the 2018 Korean Movie Nowhere to Go, we’ll see the heartwrenching story of two runaway high school students Hyeon Su and Dong Gyu. After getting involved with a mysterious group of runaways, they begin to depend on each other. However, everything changes when Dong Gyu confesses his feelings to Hyeon Su.


Fools is a short Vietnamese web series released in 2021, telling the story of three high school friends, Trieu, Thuy, and Thien. After their high school graduation ceremony, they make an impromptu trip to head to a faraway beach! On the way, feelings burst, uncovering the secret love they had for one another.

The Boy Foretold by the Stars

The Boy Foretold by the Stars is an iconic Filipino BL film from 2020, featuring the love story of Luke and Dominic. They meet at a school’s religious retreat! A fortune teller had foretold Dominic of his future romance. Still, after meeting Luke, they begin to question what destiny has to offer.

Sometimes it takes significant steps to find yourself. The road may not be as smooth, but as you know, it’s not about the destination, but the journey! Each and every one of these gay films is a heart-shaker. Which one will you watch first, and which will be your favorite? Go ahead and tell me your thoughts!



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