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Top 8 Queer Dramas to Marathon this Pride Month

It's Pride month, y'all — and you know what that means (besides rainbows): Queer representation in dramas is in full swing! Pride month rears its uniquely colorful head once a year to help us remember how far we've come as a society, and to celebrate all that the LGBTQ community has accomplished. And what better way than wrapping up this month by marathon-watching queer dramas?

We've compiled a list of 8 LGBTQ+ dramas that are perfect for marathon watching this Pride Month. From heartwarming to tear-jerking, these films will definitely stay with you long after the credits have rolled. So pop some popcorn, grab your tissues, and settle in for a great watch!

I Told Sunset About You

If you're in for some coming of age, childhood friends angst to grip at your heart, behold the story of Teh and Oh-Aew as they prepare for college exams. In the unique setting of Phuket, the two main leads, who were once good friends as kids, meet each other again in their senior year while taking a Chinese class. They'll learn more than just Mandarin, but about themselves as well.

Papa and Daddy

In Taiwan, there lives two husbands and their son, Kai Kai. Watch the lives of Damien and Jie Li as they live married life as a happy family as Kai Kai enters kindergarten. However, they encounter a dilemma… 'What's a mother?'. Now, the two parents cross one hurdle after another as a queer couple, all the while trying to raise their son the best they could.

Dear Tenant

Here's another family story, but this will rip your heart out! Lin has been looking after the young boy Yo Yu and the elderly woman Mrs. Chou, the son and mother of his deceased boyfriend. Together, they were a happy family until Mrs. Chou passed away, leaving the extended family to argue over who would inherit family property. Accused of Mrs. Chou's murder, Lin struggles with LGBTQ discrimination, all the while trying to keep Yo Yu safe.

Your Name Engraved Herein

This movie is a classic to be remembered and a must for queer film watchers. In 1987 in Taiwan, when the period of martial law had just ended, Jia Han and Birdy met in a Christian school. On a day trip to Taipei, the two end up closer. As feelings stir in their hearts, they learn about freedom and what it means to be restricted by old customs.

Life: Love on the Line

The love between Ito and Nishi starts by chance when they meet on the way home from high school. Meeting every day on the sidewalk, they grew curious about each other, and soon deeper feelings bloomed. However, can they keep their relationship strong even after college? Nishi remains as radiant and pure as ever, but Ito starts to wonder what it would be like to be… 'normal.'


Shun and Nagisa had been together since high school, but one day Nagisa tells him there's no future for them and disappears. Years later, Shun lives as a store owner in a rural village, only to see Nagisa return to his life with his six-year-old daughter, Sora. As they spend time together, old feelings re-ignite, but as Sora's mother fights for custody of her child, will Shun and Nagisa still find happiness together?

Restart After Come Back Home

After quitting his job, Mitsuomi returns to his hometown for the first time after a decade, confronting the shaky relationship with his father. He meets Yamato, who ropes Mitsuomi into helping with his adopted father's farm. While working together, they become closer, exposing their souls to see and healing each other's hearts.

Gaya Sa Pelikula

Here tells the story of Karl as he goes through an identity crisis as an architect student. Struggling to live as a freelancer, Karl could not pay for utilities until Vlad, his neighbor, came into his life after hiding from his family. At first, they were just housemates trying to survive. Still, as they learn more about each other, Karl's crisis only increases as feelings start stirring.

As you watch these powerful queer dramas, you will be moved to tears time and again. Each film captures the challenges and emotions that come with being a queer person in today's society. So make sure to have some tissue on hand, and tell us which of these top 8 films resonated with you the most



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