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VXON Clears the Path for First Album Release

Photo from vxonofficial/Instagram

Known as the “The Monsters of P-pop,” VXON is clearing all paths with their very first album aptly titled “20:20.”

On Jan. 7, the quintet, composed of C13, Sam, Franz, Vince, and Patrick, ignited fervor among fans by posting a series of teasers on their official social media accounts, accompanied by the cryptic caption, “VISION ALL CLEAR.”

The message sent waves of speculation and excitement rippling through their dedicated fanbase, Vixies.

As the countdown to their second anniversary unfolds, the puzzle pieces fall into place, making it increasingly clearer that the message is a prelude to a major announcement—the release of their album on Jan. 26.

To heighten the anticipation, VXON has recently unveiled their promotion calendar. The first glimpse into their upcoming endeavor is a concept group photo, showing the quintet donned in sleek black outfits. 

The image features a play of focus and blur, with the camera intentionally obscuring the surroundings but sharply honing in on the group. This visual intensifies the spotlight on VXON, leaving fans eager for more. 

From Jan. 10 to 26, Vixies will be treated with more surprises as VXON continues to clear the vision and set the stage for what promises to be an momentous journey with “20:20.”



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