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YGIG's Playful Pop Love Song "Doob Doob" Is Making Our Hearts Flutter!

P-Pop girl group YGIG comes back strong and guess what, they are in love!

Cover art by Manuela

The first girl group of Tatang Robin, the Philippines’ biggest idol group producer and the man behind SBTown and is co-managed by Universal Records spearheaded by Ms. Kathleen Dy-Go just released a new single called “Doob Doob”.

It is the first out of the FOUR new tracks to be released on their first mini album: YLGOIVGE (anagram of love & the group’s name; pronounced as “y-love-g”). After several months of preparation, this monumental comeback of YGIG will feature four album tracks and four music videos every Friday starting from June 9, 2023 until July 28, 2023. “Doob Doob”, derived from the sound of heartbeat, has a light and playfully snappy melody that gives a heart-fluttering feeling when someone experiences love for the first time or what we call kilig in Filipino.

It entails the story of a first love - a giddily innocent and pure admiration towards someone despite not knowing how to convey this novel feeling. The song also unfolds the adventure of exploring ways to confess love amidst the series of hesitance, uncertainty, and lack of experience.

YGIG members Vien, Hazelyn, Maeg, Jewel, Alexei, and JM recorded the song with so much passion that it truly transcends to the final sound “Doob Doob” has. Through this song, YGIG members want to show what love is, and how love makes us all giddy and silly that it makes our hearts go doob doob.

Moreover, the “Doob Doob” music video will show YGIG’s fresh vibe and charming appeal to its sound that will certainly accentuate the impressive visuals of the six members. The girls went out of the country and shot their four music videos in Korea, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong.

Mainly shot in the beautiful island of Jeju, the “Doob Doob” music video will not disappoint with its garden-fresh aesthetic, heartwarming sceneries, on top of youthful yet powerful looks of all six YGIG members.

YGIG is set to land their comeback for the month of June and July after months of getting ready as this upcoming return signifies their re-arrival in the music industry after their debut. Now with Doob Doob, and four more other tracks to be released, the six girls will not hold back and truly display their artistry and show that YGIG’s sound will echo all the way to your heart!



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