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Your Favorite Beauty Gurus Share Their Initial Impressions of the Latest barenbliss Bloomatte Hi-Cover Foundation Balm: A Must-Try Beauty Innovation!

From the beats of nation’s girl group BINI’s “Pantropiko” to Taylor Swift’s soul-stirring album “The Tortured Poets Department,” this summer is surely a whirlwind of emotions. Whether we’re bopping along to P-pop’s bubblegum pop during the day or diving into deep, sentimental nights with “Fortnight” at midnight, one thing remains constant: the need for makeup that lasts from dawn till dusk.

Enter barenbliss with their solution: the Bloomatte Hi-Cover Foundation Balm. The product is not just a shield against the heat, it’s also a statement of style. And our favorite beauty gurus couldn’t help but rave over this new product obsession. 

Sean Benedict

Sean Benedict sums it up perfectly for the Philippine weather as this product is a game-changer. With just a dab, you’re set for a day of blurring matte perfection. And guess what? It’s not just talk – Sean put it to the test, and yep, it’s totally transfer-proof and waterproof!

Packed with rapeseed oil for that hydration boost and a blend of five Korean plants for that extra glow, like Sean, you can surely shine like your favorite K-pop or P-pop stars! Who said getting glam couldn't be fun? Sean will definitely testify. 

Mary Elijin

Beauty vlogger Mary Elijin is singing praises for the Bloomatte Hi-Cover Foundation Balm. Taking to TikTok to share her tips on proper application, she was blown away by the results. With enough coverage to camouflage redness and scars, she’s saying goodbye to constant touch-ups! Plus, Mary couldn't help but rave about how effortlessly the balm blends into her skin, leaving behind a flawless, natural-looking finish that lasts all day.

Tricia Ambeguia

It’s safe to say that this beauty gem has earned a permanent spot in Tricia’s makeup routine! And can we talk about the packaging? It’s sheer bliss! But what’s even more impressive is its multitasking prowess – acting as both a foundation and a cushion, yet it feels incredibly lightweight on the skin, Tricia can vouch. 

Dexter Mongcal

Dexter couldn’t resist the intrigue, and boy, was the TikToker not disappointed with the result! With a medium-buildable coverage, the Bloomatte Hi-Cover Foundation Balm doesn’t cling to dry patches, effortlessly evening out skin tone. Dexter's definitely impressed and ready to rock the flawless complexion all day long.

The Bloomatte Hi-Cover Foundation Balm from barenbliss has won over hearts across the board. With its lightweight feel, medium-buildable coverage, and ability to even out skin tone without clinging to dry patches, it’s a true game-changer. So why not join the ranks of these satisfied beauty enthusiasts and give it a try yourself? Get ready to glow like your favorite stars, all day, every day!

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