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5 Reasons Why "Light On Me" Is the Next BL K-Drama You Need to Watch


Light on Me is the most recent Korean Boys Love drama in town that's been raking a lot of positive ratings from viewers. Set in Saebit Boys' High School, the drama follows an 18-year-old meek and loner student, Taekyung played by rising star Lee Saeon. Realizing that he doesn't want to live a lonely life anymore, Taekyung joins the Saebit Student Council as a temporary member following the persuasion of his teacher, Mr Seo. He then finds himself meeting the super-attractive President of the council: Da On (Choi Chan Yi), the calm and level-headed Vice-President: Shinwoo (Kang You Seok) and the seemingly happy-go-lucky mood maker Namgoong Shi Woon (Ko Woo Jin).

The world of Light On Me is fun to immerse into and an enjoyable school drama for teenage K-drama fans and, of course, for those who are young at heart. Below, we've listed five reasons to 'convince' you to watch WHYNOT Media's Light On Me on WeTV.

1. Longer Episodes

Korean BL is notorious for having short episodes. It can range an average of 8-10 minutes every episode, and there would only be less than ten episodes in total! It had been that way since one of the Korean BLs like Long Time No See. However, Light on Me made a significant improvement, changing the classic tropes of BL Kdramas and releasing episodes worth more than 20 minutes long (some even 30). To top it off, the series has 16 episodes! Now, this gives justice to the storyline and gives it the timeframe it deserves.

2. Healthy and Wholesome Plot

Light on Me is a drama that perfectly represents the saying, "You can have a good plot even without toxicity"—gone with the toxic themes and in with healthy and wholesome plots! Often, we are given harmful representation. However, in this series, you will witness the development of Taegyung's high school romance with heart-wrenching drama, but healthy relationships as fans enjoy the slow burn between Taekyung and Shinwoo, and their joint coming of age stories. The drama appears light at first, but as the story continues, you'll find yourself immersed in the world of our lead characters.

3. Character Development

Every character in this story has a significant role, from their student council adviser, Mr Seo, to the head of volunteer work and student council member, Namgoong —side-characters have their importance. Light on Me gives us a chance to see how the characters learn from their mistakes and develop into better versions of themselves through their experiences. All this with the help of the loved ones around them.

4. Presentation of Social Acceptance

Coming out is never easy, especially when you are in a country where LGBTQIA+ people are oftentimes discriminated against. Light on Me shows us the struggle of getting out of the closet and accepting yourself for WHO YOU ARE. The characters in this series face the pressure of confronting an entire school about revealing their sexuality, but it also shows that there will be people ready to accept and defend you.

5. Overflowing Visuals

Of course, it's impossible to resist the gorgeous visuals of every character in the series! Each one of them is quite the looker, which will keep your eyes glued to the screens. Light on Me brings you refreshing actors all dressed up in a high-school aesthetic! From uniforms to casual looks, the cast will have you shookt with their model-like features paired with their incredible performances.

Light on Me is not just about romance and comedy. It portrays teens who are forming real friendships and realistically falling in love–an entire plotline chock-full of drama and acceptance. Take a ride on the emotional roller coaster this BL K-drama lets you experience and give it a try and see if it's just the hype or if the drama is worth watching!



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