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'Lovely Writer': A BL Drama That Gives You A Glimpse Into What Lies Behind The BL Industry

If you've been lingering around the world of Boys' Love (BL) for quite some time, you'd know the latest craze is 'Lovely Writer: The Series!' The 12-episode series which aired on WeTV features a unique story about what goes on behind the BL industry. One is a writer named Gene who was forced to write a Boys' Love novel, and the other is an actor named Nubsib, who got cast as the main lead of Gene's book. The series showcases the dramatic play of how Gene and Nubsib tackle the toxicity within the BL industry while discovering more about each other's pasts.

'Lovely Writer: The Series' began airing on February 24 of 2021, making it part of the first Thai BLs of the year. Directed by Bundit Sintanaparadee and based on the novel Lovely Writer (นับสิบจะจูบ) by the author Wankling. With Good Feeling, Dee Tuk Wan 2019, and Dee Hup House, an iconic BL drama with a fresh and unique concept was produced.

With all the Thai BL dramas that have been released over the years, here are the Top 5 reasons why 'Lovely Writer: The Series' is a standout among others:

1. It Doesn't Stick to the Usual College Setting

If you've seen enough Thai BLs, you'd probably know that they're pretty fond of using the college setting. You'll see this in dramas like SOTUS, Theory of Love, TharnType, and many more. However, 'Lovely Writer: The Series' will take you to a film set and a publishing company. A new perspective we have yet to see in the BL drama world.

Photo courtesy of Lovely Writer: The Series / WeTV

2. Beautiful Character Details

In basic story-telling, there will be good characters and evil characters. However, Lovely Writer takes it a step further. Characters like Gene, Nubsib, Aoey, and all the others were given such depth that you'd find the viewers debating and questioning the morality in their actions, thoughts, and behavior. After all, in reality, there is no black and white. Every character, no matter how minor, was given a crucial role to play within the series.

Photo courtesy of Lovely Writer: The Series

3. The Series Sets Out Everyone in the BL Industry

As a BL drama fan, are you not curious about what happens behind the scenes? This drama showcases the techniques producers use in the creation of Thai BL dramas. From the writing of the novel, the casting of the actors, the directing of the film, and even the actors' relationships. This drama calls out the toxicity that occurs in the BL industry and their goal towards profits.

Photo courtesy of Lovely Writer: The Series / WeTV

4. Tackles Toxic Fans and Media Manipulation

Unlike other dramas that do little to acknowledge negative behaviors that fans practice, 'Lovely Writer' takes a straightforward approach to toxic fan behavior and its effect on artists. This raises the very-needed awareness that fans must realize. However, this series also shows how easily a production company can manipulate the media to capture the fans' attention quickly.

Photos courtesy of Lovely Writer: The Series / WeTV

5. High-Quality Production

From acting, cinematography, script-writing, directing, and over-all execution, 'Lovely Writer' caught the attention of fans through its high-quality production. The usage of color grading matched a character's emotions, the application of box framing, and musical scoring; you can see that everyone involved in the project made sure to produce a world-class result in every aspect.

Photo courtesy of Lovely Writer: The Series / WeTV

The Lovely Writer's Effect

2021 had already been messing with many BL fans' personal top BL drama lists, and 'Lovely Writer' only made it more difficult! The series itself left a lasting feeling of excitement while raising awareness among its viewers. Portrayed ideally, 'Lovely Writer' gave the world what they needed: gay representation in a healthy and mature relationship.

Photo courtesy of Lovely Writer: The Series / WeTV

Gene, the writer, played by Up Poompat Iam-samang, and Nubsib, the actor, played by Kao Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun, is the couple we never thought we needed to swoon over this year. Through this new love coupling, 'KaoUp' — the realm of BL could see an immaculate chemistry that's worth the stan!

With every new masterpiece being released in the ever-evolving world of BL, we shall never forget the classics that set the stage. Case in point: the latest gem to display with pride for Thailand's 3rd-Gen BL dramas — 'Lovely Writer: The Series.' Are you ready to binge watch 'Lovely Writer' now that you've learned about it? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! (Pun intended: Become a fan to know the reference! *wink*)


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