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The Gear of Love

The gear's vital role to Arthit and Kongpob's love story.

The year is 2016, and the Thai Boys' Love industry is about to fully bloom. GMMTV, one of Thailand's entertainment companies, is about to drop a series that will play a vital role in the blossoming of the BL culture in its country.

SOTUS (Story Of True love between US) premiered in August 2016 and is a BL series that revolves around Arthit Rojnapat (Krist Perawat Sangpotirat) and Kongpob Suthilak (Singto Prachaya Ruangroj), who discovered love during their university's hazing. Arthit is the head hazer of the engineering hazing team, while Kongpob is the stubborn freshman who keeps questioning Arthit's every move.

Photo Courtesy of GMMTV

The gear, considered to be the heart of an engineering student, plays a big role in the love story of Arthit and Kongpob as it propelled both men's relationship despite its rocky start. The gear, which is the end goal of the university's hazing of freshmen, became the starting point of Arthit and Kongpob's love.

The charm of SOTUS lies in the story's slow burn. The series showcased the painstaking internal struggles, whirlwind emotions, and chaotic circumstances that the characters need to experience to reach their happy ending with careful pacing that allowed its audience to properly digest them.

If SOTUS's charm lies in its story's slow-burn, then its strength lies in its display of intimacy that focuses more on the characters' emotional and mental connection rather than the physical one. Arthit and Kongpob didn't have any elaborate love scenes apart from their three kissing scenes. Still, Kongpob's patience for Arthit's internal debates and Arthit's concern for Kongpob's future managed to portray their characters' deep bond more than any love scene could.

SOTUS also displays some circumstances that are relatable to same-sex lovers. Some problems and situations that Arthit and Kongpob found themselves in are as realistic as they can be, bringing light to the usual challenges that LGBTQIA+ couples experience because of other people's wrong perception of same-sex love.

SOTUS is available for watching online on Netflix and Youtube. In addition, it has a sequel entitled SOTUS S, which isn't available for viewing on Netflix but is available on Youtube for the audience's viewing.



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