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7 Exciting Things to Look Forward to at HORI7ON’s First Fan Meeting

It only felt like yesterday when we were first introduced to the pack of amazing young dreamers. From 62 Dream Chasers, Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston emerged victorious in ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment’s idol survival show, Dream Maker.

Collectively, they are called HORI7ON. Their hopeful souls gathered at the same starting point and now have journeyed together to reach the same destination on the horizon– the global stage.

But right now, they are not walking alone. Their growing community of fans made a promise to forever take their hands. Thus, after a successful run of mall shows around the country, the DASHing boys of HORI7ON are now gearing up for their highly-anticipated (SOLD OUT!) fan meeting entitled “Hundred Days Miracle.''

In anticipation of what will certainly go down as a night to last forever on April 22, here are seven things to look forward to in this special event!

1. Global pop group-worthy performances

Positioned to forward Filipino talent to the rest of the world, HORI7ON will definitely set the stage ablaze as they are poised to perform their first single release “DASH'' and most of all, their fan song “Salamat.” From the adrenaline rush of the hard-hitting Dash to a sentimental song dedicated to fans, expect a rollercoaster of emotions! We’ll see in these stages how they are quickly gaining attention here and abroad.

2. Dream Maker songs stages we shouldn't miss

During their stint in Dream Maker, they performed various original compositions as part of their challenges. Guess what? They’ll be performing these songs at the fanmeet too! To those Deja Vu, Hit Me, and Odd Eye enjoyers out there, these stages are for you. While we’re at it, we’re also manifesting to finally have that “Lovey Dovey” stage juseyo! Imagine how cute Winston would be in Lovey Dovey!

3. A stage where they can play around

The excitement leading up to the fanmeet is at an all-time high! We’re sure to see the boys playing on stage and showcasing their individual personalities. We love everything random and funny, right? During the media conference, they revealed that it’s a tie between our ‘09 babies, Marcus and Jeromy, on whom the loudest and most makulit members are. We can’t wait to witness that live!

4. HORI7ON’s fan meet fits!

Besides hitting the stage with their performances, we also cannot wait to see the boys in their ‘concert’ fits! As future fashion icons, they will certainly be oozing with stage presence and natural idol charisma. Better watch out for their style in this fan meet and post them on social media.

5. A look back to their journey

Malayo pa, pero malayo na. The event will also highlight their journey individually as Dream Chasers and collectively as a group. HORI7ON has come a long way. Looking back, we know everyone’s proud of Kyler and Reyster’s trajectory of improvement. From fighting for their dreams to actually realizing them one stage at a time, the boys deserve the spotlight they are having now. And to be present in their first fan meeting will definitely be one for the books and a bragging right in the future.

6. An intimate fan gathering and interaction

The fans are in for a treat! Vinci gave hints that the upcoming fan meet is “more intimate, more interactions with the fans.” He also added that they will be playing a game they once played in Dream Maker. So if you've been a chingu since day one, you probably know what this is. One thing’s for sure, this will be fun and memorable!

Oh, we also heard that there will be fan projects on the day of the event. We’ll watch out for that! 👀

7. Special and surprise performances!

The group also teased that they will be having never-before-seen live performances. What if they’ll be performing a P-Pop track? Who knows, maybe we’ll witness Kim’s impressive beatboxing skills while the boys are dancing to his beats or we’ll get wowed by Reyster’s random acrobatic stunts? Exciting! So be sure to ready your fancams as we guarantee that you won't be disappointed. Promise!

Need we say more? HORI7ON’s first fan meeting will be a night to remember. Have your hearts ready as we take off on this journey towards the horizon, with them. See you there?



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