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Class dismissed: What went down at TOP CLASS The Finale

From 30 trainees to 12, these hopeful trainees aimed high to reach the top. After all the intensive classes and exams, this has led TCzens and the P-pop kumunity to this most awaited moment – determining the final lineup of a new boy group who will take over the P-pop scene. TOP CLASS: The Rise to P-pop Stardom aired its live finale, held last August 20, 5 PM at PETA Theater. This was also live-streamed on KUMU and TV5. Showing us their debut-ready presence and performances – it is no doubt that these boys were determined to show off their hard work and wits to be included in the final five.

Group one captivated our hearts with their charm by performing "P.S." by VXON

Wearing their dazzling suits and purple sailor outfits, Dean, Gilly, Jeff, JC, R.Z., and Timothy took center stage to perform P.S. with the P-pop's rookie monster group, VXON. The vocals, rap, choreo, and stage presence were all present. This collab stage between the P-pop idols and the six trainees peaked with natural charm and high energy that served from start to finish. And can we just mention how group one nailed the powerful dance break of "P.S."?

Group two's fiery performance of "O.H." by 1st.One

It was Group two's turn to perform. And boy, they did put on a show!

Dominating the theater with their oozing visuals and vocal skills was Jai, Jascel, Joshuel, Lex, Niko, and Roj with P-pop's pride, 1st.One. Their blazing performance of "O.H." has elated the audience leaving them wanting for more.

Acing their final exams with their rendition of Gary V's hits

Showing us their versatility was group one performing "Hataw Na." Each trainee showed their dynamic skills. Their version is in a completely different style, leaning more towards rock and hip hop. Next to hit the stage was Group two for their performance of "Sa Yaweh Ang Sayaw." Seems like this group was born to perform. From their empowering vocals and overflowing charisma – this group gave justice by performing this classic.

Top Class is now dismissed!

It's so much more than just the journey itself, though—it's about reaching their one dream and being in a group of trainees who are willing to take on new challenges together as they rise to P-pop stardom. It's amazing to see how much camaraderie these young dreamers shared and how they were able to bond over their experiences as they made their way through the Top Class journey.

All the trainees showed their efforts as they sang every song with confidence and graced their stages with their idol presence and bright smiles as they reached their final class. Witnessing the boys soar from day one up to their graduation, the mentors take turns praising the trainees, complimenting them on their growth and dedication.

The Birth of a new P-Pop Group

At the tail-end, there will only be five members who will debut as the next P-pop group. The winning team is entitled to have 500 thousand pesos in cash, a three-year recording and management with Cornerstone Entertainment and KUMU, an exclusive streaming contract with KUMU, 50 thousand worth of gadgets, and lastly, the opportunity to debut as the country's next P-pop Idols. Five Top Class trainees who dreamed of becoming idols are now here to take over the P-pop stage. Let's look forward to their debut and join their journey as they walk towards the path to the P-pop realm.

TCzens and P-pop Kummunity, make way for your Top Class Five:

Jascel - Ang Fiery Dancer ng Manila

Jeff - Friendly Go-Getter ng Cebu

Lex - Ang Mr. Swagger ng Bulacan

Dean - Ang Gutsy Breadwinner ng Bulacan

Gilly - Dancefloor Champ ng Quezon City



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