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Durex Surprises Its Guests With A Social Experiment On The Pleasure Gap

Through a recent survey done by Durex, it was found that a shocking 61% of Filipino women enjoy sex LESS than their partners. There could be many reasons why this is the case but what’s for sure is that there’s a big gap happening in the bedroom — or in other words, the pleasure gap. Have you ever felt like you’ve faked an orgasm, gave more than you received, or wanted more but ended up feeling unsatisfied when having sexy time? If you answered yes to any of these, you may have experienced the pleasure gap. Together with 98% of Filipinas, Durex believes it is important for everyone to experience equal pleasure in bed and it’s about time to take action.

Durex - the world’s #1 condom brand, made a bold move and mounted a social experiment initially masked as an exclusive dinner to raise awareness on the pleasure gap last October 18, 2022 at Perrochiko in Uptown Parade, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

The Social Experiment Hosted by Radio DJ and personality Sam YG, the event was made out to be a normal dinner with paired up influencers with different levels of intimacy and sexual orientations. Durex brand ambassadors Angel Dei, Mike Lavarez, Carmela Tunay, Janlee Dungca, Mela Habijan, and a popular Medical Doctor on TikTok, Dr. Killimanguru were among the present guests at the said event.

Little did they know that the male guests were to experience what it is to be on the other side of the pleasure gap. While the women were treated to a lavish meal, the men were intentionally left dissatisfied with their tiny basket of bread, ice-cold soup, and waiters who barely paid any attention to them. Host Sam YG shortly unveiled the prank together with The Unequal Dinner video which made the guests realize the inequality that also happens between partners in the bedroom.

Did you know that:

● 22% of Filipinas don’t orgasm during sex

● 64% Filipinas want more satisfaction in bed

● 76% of them desire more foreplay

Meanwhile 70% to 100% of men are able to orgasm during sex. This leaves you wondering what we’re doing wrong and what we can do to correct this. No matter your sexual orientation, the pleasure gap is real between couples and it needs to be addressed. Durex #ComeTogether aims to close this gap and help people unleash their true sexual selves.

The night's highlights were the sentiments shared by the guests on the inequality in the bedroom, the importance of elevating orgasm through authentic and equal pleasure, and the power of pleasurable and protected sex. Many were open about their experience on how they think can help close this gap and achieve equal and pleasurable sex. It starts with open and honest communication about what turns you and your partner on. Given that 80% of Filipino women prefer sex with a condom as it makes them feel more protected, choose a condom that can help you and your partner feel equally satisfied. There are products like the Durex Invisible, which are ultra-thin condoms, so you don’t miss out on any sensations. There’s also Durex Performa which contains 5% benzocaine to help you last longer, so you can finish together.

It can also be coupled with toys and lubes like the Durex Play Feel lubricant which helps increase excitement and pleasure s during sex.

Durex believes that giving pleasure is as good as receiving it. The #ComeTogether campaign also stands for equality and protection that promotes fair treatment & normalcy among all genders; a lifetime advocacy that the brand has been championing.

“The Pleasure Gap is real and people are getting left behind on sexual pleasure.” says Reckitt Philippines Marketing Director Matt Davis. “Equality starts when everyone sees pleasure as an act of intimacy, respect, and trust. Equality starts in the bedroom when we treat our partner’s pleasure as important as our own. As a brand that stands for pleasure, Durex is here to close the pleasure gap. ComeTogether and find the pleasure in giving pleasure.”

To join in on the conversation with Durex, watch The Unequal Dinner on Youtube. Follow Durex Philippines on their social media accounts and check out the hashtags #ComeTogether and #DurexPH for more of what happened at the event.

Facebook: Durex PH Instagram: @durex_ph Tiktok: @durex_ph



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