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Flashback to FLASHBACK 2022: A Recap of Two Iconic Nights

Photo courtesy of @Kpop_Herald

iKON recently held their two-night FLASHBACK 2022 concert last June 25 and 26 at the Olympic Park, Olympic Hall in Seoul, and through a live stream powered by Kiswe for global fans. The long-awaited gig is a dream come true for both the group and the fans who were there for them through highs and lows. The two nights couldn’t be more iconic when they returned to the concert scene after a grueling three years and six months.

I bet iKONICs are still feeling the last concert syndrome because how can you not with those extra performances and screen-defying energy? Let's recap what transpired last weekend that makes iKON live up to its name.

The Live Band

You will never go wrong with any iKON live performance. They will light up any stage with their energy and strong presence. iKONICs are used to the group's intensity but not when paired with a live band and their usual ad-libs. Yes! For the first time in seven years, iKON leveled up their stages with a live band performance and iKONICs couldn’t get enough of it. Take for example their Dragon stage off their latest mini-album ‘FLASHBACK’. iKONICs were finally blessed with its live version topped with the boys’ insane energy. After all, it’s what they have been wishing for!

180 minutes and 30+ songs

K-pop concerts usually take around 120-150 minutes and it’s rare to hit the three-hour mark, especially for a group with only six members. But hey, this is iKON for a reason. With the group’s powerful act, three hours felt so short for the fans. They didn’t even notice that iKON performed 30+ beautiful, heart-stopping songs (which again is a rare number!). For the record, I'm not entirely sure how many songs there are because some say 31, 36, and 38 but one thing's for sure, we've lost count because time passed by quickly out of joy and excitement. Not a slight hint of energy drop was evident throughout the concert. They even managed to sustain it for the second night. And no one does an encore like iKON! They freaking did the encore stage for an hour! It goes to show how much they’ve missed performing live in front of iKONICs.

Offline and online impact

Livestream concerts were not new when the pandemic struck and iKON also used this opportunity to bring the heat to fans in the comfort of their homes. But what makes iKON’s concerts on both platforms more unique is the fact that you can’t differentiate which is which. What you get in the concert hall is the same as the energy radiating through your screens. I guess their impact just knows no bounds.

EXTRA Fanservice

For iKON, there are only iKONICs and vice versa. Before the group was born, they already had fans supporting them since their WIN: Team B days. The bond between iKON and iKONICs is strong, memorable, and full of trust that they would go the extra mile for their fanservice without a second thought. And just like their previous concerts and gigs, iKON was unstoppable in interacting with their fans. It seems that their bodyguards are already used to this sight, they didn’t even bother stopping the boys from interacting more. Mind you, there were still slight restrictions in place brought by the pandemic but c'mon it's iKON.

The concert setlist

And lastly, a concert wouldn't be complete without the setlist obviously. The entirety of iKON’s varied discography is honestly setlist-worthy. Whether that’s a title track or B-side, or even a ballad or upbeat one, it doesn’t matter. In iKON’s concerts, you jam and bang even on sad emotional songs like Killing Me and Flower. FLASHBACK 2022 setlist saw the return of BOBBY and Ju-ne’s Deep Night in the flesh after God knows how long. Yunhyeong also made his first comeback as a trot singer with his special performance (he debuted in 2016 during KOLORFUL Private Stage). BOBBY’s solo stage off his LUCKY MAN album also made iKONICs go wild. Good thing fans aren’t given the responsibility to choose songs for the setlist because iKONICs will certainly have a tough time.

Photo courtesy of @YG_iKONIC

The two-night concert was definitely a treat for iKONICs and it will probably take some time before they experience another insane red ocean again (hopefully not, YG!). FLASHBACK 2022 were nights that will definitely keep flashing back in every iKONIC’s memory. iKON in their element doesn’t need fancy outfits and extra sets. Just their presence and red mics alone can rock your world. So see you at the encore concert then? *fingers crossed*



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