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Get with the Vibe: Press Hit Play Sets the Standard for P-Pop Boy Groups

Press Hit Play isn't your ordinary P-Pop boy group. From their hands-on approach and unique sound to their bumpy road to debut, PHP is one of the more underrated yet dynamic P-Pop groups out there.

Chrls, Yuuki, JP, Zi.O, and Sev may have debuted on the brink of a pandemic and an only-growing industry through P-Pop idol groups, but the fact that they've stayed against all odds says a lot about their resilience and passion. And now? They're slowly making a name for themselves. From P-Pop Con to Tugatog, Press Hit Play is taking on every challenge. Chrls says, "The journey was surreal. Kasi we’ve been waiting for this moment since we debuted, and finally, nagkaroon na ng chance na magkaroon ng ganitong events na may live audiences.”

["The journey was surreal. Because we've been waiting for this moment since we debuted, and finally, we're getting the chance to be part of these events with live audiences."]

Away from their dark, badass counterparts, PHP shows us a different side to the P-Pop boy groups. One that can be light, comforting, and a breath of fresh air. I'd say it's even part of their charm to provide a completely opposite image to their contemporaries. And with the dim atmosphere right now, we need groups like this. Sev explains it: "Since we debuted during the pandemic, we wanted to give light to the people. Kumbaga, gusto namin ‘yung music na ibibigay namin is magpapagaan sa loob ng mga tao, especially during these hard times.”

["Since we debuted during the pandemic, we wanted to give light to the people. Basically, we want our music to ease the struggle in people's hearts, especially during these hard times."]

With Tugatog on the way, Pearls everywhere might be wondering what to expect for the group. As told by Chrls, “Our group really wants to give surprises, lalo na sa ngayong may live audiences na. So, we are preparing as much as we can para mas mag-enjoy lahat ng mga P-Pop fans na mag-ssupport sa Tugatog concert.” But it gets us wondering, how will the boys perform as a quintet without leader Yukito?

["Our group really wants to give surprises, especially now that there are live audiences. So, we are preparing as much as we can so that every P-Pop fan supporting the Tugatog concert can enjoy."]

Just a few months ago, it was announced that Press Hit Play would be moving on as a 5-member group as Yukito takes on new endeavors outside the group. But, no need for the tears and fears; only best wishes for both parties' road ahead. PHP assures there is no need to worry as they have always remained steadfast in their craft to the point that they've prepared for every circumstance. JP says, “Sinanay kasi namin na every song, aaralin namin ‘yung every parts, para just in case na may magkakasakit. ‘Yun po ‘yung ginagawa namin.” Chrls chimes in talking line distributions, "The line distributions kasi is usually we sing the full song, and then it's like an audition kasi 'yung nangyayari. So, before we release the song, parang each member [gets a turn to] deliver the parts in a nice way."

["We're used to training for every part in every song, just in case someone gets sick. That's what we do."]

["The line distributions, we usually sing the full song, and then it's like an audition is what happens. So, before we release the song, each member [gets a turn to] deliver the parts in a nice way."]

So, what should Pearls expect from Press Hit Play moving forward? JP shares a short tidbit, “‘Yung last concert kasi, meron kaming kinanta na isang ballad song which is ‘yung ‘Sambit.’ ‘Yun, abangan nilang i-release namin ‘yun soon and siyempre, abangan din nila ‘yung susunod pa.” Zi.O adds on, “May mga upcoming songs pa na pinaghahandaan na namin ngayon palang.”

["At our last concert, there was a ballad song that we sang which is 'Sambit.' They can anticipate we release it soon and, of course, anticipate the next ones coming."]

["There are still upcoming songs that we've been preparing for even now."]

With preparations to unravel and potential to unlock, get ready for Press Hit Play to take over the 2022 P-Pop scene. We're manifesting this hard.

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Produced Exclusively by Ant Savvy Creatives and Entertainment, Inc. and Parcinq Magazine Team for Tugatog PH

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words by Marielle Filoteo

Styling by Gela Muñoz

Interview by Anna Fregillana and LA Bendana

Videography by Sean Amador

Assisted by Juan Miguel Lapidez & Joshua Navarro

Set Design by Rooster Production Design

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Alyssa Caayao
Alyssa Caayao
19 juin 2022

When you mentioned that they are underrated yet dynamic is so true! I felt that! They truly are magnificent young men. Thank you for featuring them in your magazine! And thank you for manifesting with us Pearls. Hoping they have another cover in Parcinq again!

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