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Let's Talk About "Not Me," The Political-Societal Drama That Blurs The Line Between BL & Queer Films

*** Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers ***

OffGun, one of the four pillars of GMMTV, made a brilliant return in BL world with Not Me the series. The series follows White, who takes the place of his twin, Black after he was beaten to the brink of death. White soon finds himself in a dark world he never knew existed and begins to investigate the identities and motives of his brother's attackers with Black's friends. He discovers the corruption behind their society and gains a precious person along the way.

Not Me the series tackles political-societal themes in a way no other BL drama has, blurring the line between Boys Love and Queer films. Let's take a look at the different issues that Not Me the series has tackled so far!

Disability Rights

In the series, the character Yok has a deaf mother. She often has difficulty finding jobs because workplaces wouldn't cater to her disability. This lack of inclusivity for people with disabilities only fuels the fire of Yok's determination to stand up for more job accessibility, no discrimination, and more accommodation for people with disabilities in their day-to-day lives.

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV

Corrupt Politics

In Not Me the series, there is a villainous politician named Tawi. In public, Tawi portrays himself as a charitable man, but behind the scenes, he involves himself in drug trafficking, bribery, and perhaps even murder. To quote the series, Tawi is the definition of the word “Impunity”, the act of doing something illegal without receiving a penalty.

Photo Courtesy of GMMTV

Marriage Equality

Not Me the series moved everyone's hearts in this scene where Thai citizens gathered in protest to raise awareness. One of the causes for this mass rally was equal marriage. The crowd chanted "Marriage equality!" underneath a massive pride flag. There was even one frame of the scene where they showed a QR code that links anyone to a website that provides more information on marriage equality when scanned.

Photo Courtesy of GMMTV


Not Me talks about capitalism and how Tawi is monopolizing the Thai economy. This creates a divide between the rich and the poor. With no room for small businesses to thrive, it becomes more difficult for the poor to climb out of poverty.


The main group started their fight towards change due to society's lack of movement. People became detached from issues that directly affect them. To quote the series, "They've grown used to it." The characters counter society's apoliticism and encourage them to act on their rights.

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV


"We were all born to reach the finish line of success. It's just that there are people born closer to it." as quoted by White. Not Me addresses the ease of privilege in society, which shows blatant discrimination against those who have fewer opportunities and preferential treatment towards those born into money and connections.

Photos Courtesy of GMMTV

Not Me the series brings art as a movement, bringing us not just a romance, but a plot that brings us towards the real world. If you're a Filipino, Not Me is something you should definitely watch as it greatly reflects the Philippines' own Political-Societal issues. Watch Not Me and witness the characters fight against problems you see almost every day and remind yourself to never stop fighting for what's right. It's alright to be afraid. After all, "You need fear in order to be brave." - White.



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