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Meet Rising R&B Artist Tiana Kocher Through Some of Her Essential Tracks

With roots in a prominent family accustomed to the glare of publicity, it’s unsurprising that emerging R&B artist Tiana Kocher has swiftly risen, carving out her own identity as a singer-songwriter.

Hailing from the United States but deeply connected to her Filipino heritage, Tiana recently revealed in an interview with Push her desire to further explore her musical roots in the Philippines, a country she fondly refers to as home. 

Notably, the granddaughter of former senator Juan Ponce Enrile also expressed a keen interest in gracing local music festivals and collaborating with up and coming R&B talents, possibly including renowned hitmaker Denise Julia.

Before delving deeper into her aspirations, let’s first meet Tiana Kocher through some of her songs.

“Slow it down”

Having immersed herself in the industry for quite some time, the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts alumna has been privileged to collaborate with exceptional talents in the industry. Her track “U Tried It” in 2019 was produced by the four-time Grammy-nominated record producer RoccStar.

Furthermore, Tiana has also collaborated with other esteemed Grammy award-winning artists such as TLC, Faith Evans, Sage The Gemini, and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys, among others. 

Her collaboration with R&B legend Bobby V has birthed one of her singles, “Slow It Down,” where the title pays tribute to Bobby’s smash hit, “Slow Down.”

As for her sound, it bears the influence of her deep love for 90s era R&B, reminiscent of icons like Aaliyah and Mary J. Blige.

“Just my type”

As a small independent artist, it’s noteworthy to highlight Tiana Kocher’s impressive achievements with over 17K monthly listeners on Spotify and a total stream count exceeding 10 million on YouTube. And being an independent artist, she acknowledges that she needs to have even smarter decisions every step of the way. But so far, she’s definitely not taking any bad routes. 

Her debut single, “Just My Type,” garnered a spot on the Top 40 Indie Chart. Following this success, her other tracks “Paint the Town” and “Swing Better” also gained further recognition, with the latter even featured in a Ciroc commercial for the film “What Men Want.”

As beautiful as the “Daisies”

Continuing her musical journey with seamless transitions from one single to the next, Tiana welcomes the new year with an emotionally charged release titled “Daisies.” This track explores the intricate dynamics of a faltering relationship, urging listeners to trust their intuition amid uncertainty.

In her Spotify bio, Tiana outlines one of her key objectives for 2024: to take her listeners on a journey and craft music that is genuine.

“Coming off an EP that was more on the upbeat side, I wanted to show versatility by releasing a record that is more raw and vulnerable,” she elaborates. 

Much like her Filipino-American idol, Bruno Mars, renowned for his musical versatility, Tiana aims to carve her own path by infusing every piece of her work with a touch of authenticity.

Raw and authentic, Tiana Kocher is all set to create more music and solidify her presence in the R&B scene, whether it be in her home country or worldwide.



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