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Nik Makino Bares It All In His First Full Album “HYPE ONE’s”

Nik Makino, the man behind the hit songs Neneng B and Lexi, who garnered over 95 Million streams in 2021, is back to release his first-ever full album aptly called, HYPE ONE’S - a three-part compilation baring a more personal side of the hip hop artist.

The Filipino artist treated his fans with a series of drops that made them want for more. Last January 15, Makino kicked off the release of his first single DAHAN LANG and its corresponding music video on YouTube. Completely treating his avid followers on TikTok, a few days later, Nik teased his fans by giving sneak peaks of his upcoming tracks on his isang mabilis lang videos. And just recently, staying true to his upcoming album, Makino hyped his fans by dropping yet another single along with a music video entitled READY KA, which garnered a lot of streams and views as of writing.

Nik Makino has introduced HYPE ONES to his listeners – with a simpler and more laid-back sound that reaches back to his beginnings, and with lyrics coming from his self-reflections and personal pep talks.

“I want my fans and listeners to know me better aside sa fact na I’m the man behind the song Lexi and Neneng B. I want them to see that Nik Makino is more than those two hit tracks which paved my way in the local hip-hop music scene. This time, I want more people to relate and connect with my songs in a more positive manner, basing it on my own self-realizations and experiences.” Makino, shares.

HYPE ONE includes 14 songs in total, grouped accordingly as Interlude 1 & 2. Each Interlude brackets tread through a story that Nik, himself, crafted personally. He also collaborated with fellow artists like Flow G, Shao Lin, A. Ross, and Dash Calzado. to create some of the songs.



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