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#PARCINQFashion: Sorry, I'm Late!

Rice and shine! Now that the restrictions are at ease, we can’t help but be excited to flaunt our OOTDs. Beaches, mountains, new cities to discover, name it - out of eagerness, we’ve got everything prepared already!

In this #PARCINQFashion editorial, we’ll show how fashion and travel overlap - two fields that are virtually inseparable most of the time.

Follow Peter Deriy of Ugly Model Agency as he takes a fashionable stroll through the bustling city of Bangkok.

What a Thai to be alive!

Who says we can’t be fashionable while we stay in our rooms? It’s really okay not to follow our itinerary for the day. As long as we're runway-ready, who cares if we’re running late, right?

Curry on

A casual way for a casual day! From colors, and plains, to patterns, if it doesn’t bother our food trip, then curry on!

Tuk-tuk is the throne

Ride those public transpo around town and be the beast of the street with those animal prints. PURRR!

Feeling fan-thai-stic!

When exploring the city’s famous landmarks, all we have to do is to pick fits that will help us shine when we take pictures with those fan-thai-stic beauties.

Remember that if we’re running late with our schedule, let’s make sure that we’re fashionably late…at least. 😉


Photography and Styling by Rxandy Capinpin

Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Grooming by Lars Cabanacan

Videography by Joe Andy

Featuring Model Peter Deriy of Ugly Model Agency

Shot on location at Khaosan Road, Bangkok, Thailand



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