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#PARCINQFashion: Spirited Away

While sipping a morning coffee with our casual, relaxed fit in a countryside, we're remembering the memories of panoramic landscapes in strokes of watercolor and nostalgic slices of life by our favorite Studio Ghibli films.

Captured through the lens of what feels like magic realism by Fashion Filmmaker Ian Francisco, Franz Garcia, our main character living in a world away from the bustling city, shows us how to set our souls free and let our daydreams run wild in style.

A day with Totoro

Almost too good to be true, Franz seems like coming straight out of an anime setting as he delves into wearing stylish, comfy earth-tone colors donned by Miguel Quiland while enjoying a perfect, sunny day, probably with Totoro!

Comfy with Chihiro

As someone who loves to weave realistic and unrealistic elements into his art, Ian paints Franz under the familiar light of Spirited Away in style almost reminiscent of Chihiro with that cozy sweater. We feel her saying konnichiwa, and flashes her biggest smile beside our boy!

With the fusion of fashion and dreamlike photography in this fashion editorial, it fills the air of our Studio Ghibli fantasy and reminisces the amicable tune of the spectacular world of My Neighbor Totoro, and of course, Spirited Away in style.

-------- Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Produced and Photographed by Ian Francisco

Styling by Miguel Quilang of Team Ryuji Shiomitsu

Musing by Franz Garcia



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