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#PARCINQFresh featuring Clyde Garcia

They say bring the vibe, and so Clyde arrives.

When he carries out his love for music and strums the strings of his guitar, you just can't help but be mesmerized and get drawn into his eyes.

In this PARCINQ Fresh feature, let's get cozy with Clyde Garcia as he sprints his way into your hearts and weaves a special bond between designing and performing.

On being an Arki student

As an architecture student, Clyde has an endearing passion for the arts.

Since he was younger, he's always been fascinated with it, and it made him dream of becoming an artist. "I've always loved the arts, and I think architecture is a channel for releasing my creativity," he adds.

Clyde's artistry blooms from unleashing his creative juices as an arki into performing in front of a huge crowd as an idol trainee. Even though he admits that both worlds are different, there will always be that thin line that converges them – a keen eye for detail – and he holds that dearly.

On being the "Musical Guy"

With a mellifluous voice that softens the blow, Clyde is someone who's not hard to love, so much more that music is his language.

"I love playing the guitar and the piano. Back in high school, it was how I made friends. Whenever I play instruments in class, everybody jams with me," he shares.

Being one of the heavy favorites in Top Class and being tested with unsure waters during his stint, this musical guy made him value his growth as an artist even more.

He quips, "Top Class made me realize that mistakes are part of learning and that it is okay. It doesn't matter if you weren't as good as the others, as long as you were making progress."

And it shows. With this kind of mindset, he'll surely reach the highest note, and he'll never, ever get out of tune.

The fusion of designing and performing surely works in Clyde's favor as he's now constructing the pavement of his dreams head-on. Arki Clyde or Idol Clyde? He can be both.

A song for your Hotdogs: "Long live (Taylor Swift)."

How often do you work out? "Every day. I lift four times a week and do cardio or yoga on my rest days."

Your bias in SEVENTEEN? "Mingyu"


Photography by Philip Vargas

Hair and Grooming by Mycke Arcano

Styling by Team Mesmyrrhized: Mack Bersalona, Joshua Galang, Mai Chua Styles, Myrrh Lao To

Words by Hans Ethan Carbonilla



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