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#PARCINQSuperFresh Featuring JC Dacillo

Wait until the music drops and see what an amazing performer JC can be.

For one who busts a move like he rules the stage and who's a ball of sunshine personified, it’s a doddle to steal the pouring spotlight. And certainly, there’s no stopping him.

Keep popping your camera shutters as #PARCINQSuperFresh artist JC Dacillo shares how he’s slowly and definitely getting there, one training at a time.

Everlasting Shine

Being noticeable in the industry sometimes takes moving heaven and earth. But when you see JC, you’ll see a different burn that helps him stand out.

His personality shines through, and the last thing you’ll know after hearing his stories, you’ll either want to hug him or you’ll burst out laughing.

Relentlessly proving himself worthy of something grand, he’s unstoppable when it comes to balancing his dream and studies. While he masters the craft of juggling both, he’s still in awe and jokingly says, “sa totoo lang, hindi ko talaga alam paano ko sila napagsasabay. Sa tingin ko, mahal ako ni Lord ‘yun lang" [to be honest, I really don’t know how I managed to balance them. I think because the Lord loves me.]

Head in the clouds while his feet are on the ground, this broadcasting student surely knows that all things are attainable if he perseveres and if he remains a burst of bright, everlasting sunshine because why not?

Poppin’ Star

With a rightful blend of everything, this vibrant kid is a force to be reckoned with. It just takes a matter of timing when his star becomes the brightest among all. And that will happen sooner than you can ever think.

While you know him as someone who sets the stage on fire, he didn’t envision himself to where he is now. But the universe has a way of redirecting him to pursue his love for dancing. From covering K-pop dances to becoming a P-Pop idol trainee, he unveils that, more than ever, he's now confident.

“I think after joining Top Class, I started loving and appreciating myself more,” he shares. One training after another, the star becomes even brighter. He now appreciates his singing voice more than before and says it’s a good start for him.

9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)

Right at this point, JC wants to provide for his family and dreams of performing for a larger crowd. But aside from that, his love for K-pop boy group TXT greatly shows as he notes that he wants to see them up close and personal. Who knows, sooner or later, JC will be up there performing Run Away with them.

But he says that everything he has now is because of his JCOs. They made his dreams into reality.

“Masaya ako na kahit minsan lang ako magparamdam o mag reply sa’yo, damang dama ko pa rin ang pagmamahal mo (I’m happy that even if I seldomly interact with you, I still feel your love.) Pinaramdam mo sa akin na kahit hindi tayo magkadugo, ay kamahal-mahal ako [You made me feel that even though we are not related by blood, I am loved. I deserve everything because of you,” he ends.

Timing favors those who wait. More than ever, JC is all set to carve his name boldly in the P-Pop scene. And that spells 'JC READY TO DEBUT.'

Artist/s you’d like to perform with: “Sina ano po…ayieeeee! Secret muna baka di mangyari.” [They are…ayieeeee! Secret first, maybe it won't happen if I tell you]

Favorite dance cover you’ve done: “Sa ngayon, yung mga dance covers ko sa Mess Hall nung Top Class days. Sa tuwing pinapanood ko yung mga iyon, naaalala ko yung mga days na shinoshoot ko mga 'yon nang mag-isa. Tapos, pinapatayan na ako ng mga staff ng ilaw kasi gabi na (laughs).” [Right now, my dance covers in the Mess Hall during the Top Class days. Every time I watch those, I remember the days I used to shoot them alone. Then, the staff were turning off the light because it was already late. ]


Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Art Direction by Joe Andy

Words and Interview by Hans Ethan Carbonilla

Styling by Mark Ranque

Style Associate Carlo Angelo Cahutay

Grooming by Janica Cleto

1 comment

1 Comment

James Patrick Baniqued
James Patrick Baniqued
Nov 25, 2022

Will forever be proud of you, JC! Keep reaching for your dreams and keep shining, you'll get there!! Us JCOs are very very veryyyyyy proud of you !!! We love you so much !!!

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