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SB19 Drops an Apocalyptic Trailer for New EP ‘PAGTATAG!’

Another win for A’TIN! It’s finally the long-awaited comeback for the iconic P-Pop group.

SB19 has just recently dropped an epic five-minute trailer for their upcoming EP, “PAGTATAG!” This comes nearly two years after their debut mini-album “Pagsibol” and a few months after their single, “Nyebe.”

Featuring members Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin, the “PAGTATAG!” trailer is set in a dark apocalyptic world where a single sprout becomes their salvation. This likens to their journey, as the video metaphorically symbolizes how the members persevered despite numerous difficulties and how the sprout grew into more than they imagined.

The trailer opens with a narration from actor and comedian Pepe Herrera, where he talks of a different world than it used to be and the last sprout of its kind, meaning more to them than what it may seem. The SB19 members, Herrera, and several others, serve as Earth’s last hope for survival as they find a solution to their demise.

In a run-down laboratory, the group performs several experiments with bottles and chemicals on the sprout. To no avail; none of them work out. The group is close to giving up on their quest. The screen fades to black. “Nabigo na nga ata kami.” (“Have we truly failed?”)

Suddenly, the music starts up again. An old-school hip-hop beat fills the void. A determined Pablo is seen riding a motorcycle, eager to start anew. “Tayo’y nagsisimula pa lang.” (“We are just getting started.”)

With a new vile in hand, Pablo pours a few drops onto the sprout. It doesn’t work. Frustration gets the best of them, and Stell pushes over bottles off a table. His hand begins to bleed. They think, “Is this the solution?” He drops his blood onto the sprout, but still: No effect. Everyone is dejected.

Suddenly, sirens ring all over the laboratory. Everyone evacuates as quickly as possible. Herrera stops in his tracks. He witnesses the sprout glow. Then it explodes in front of his eyes.

The SB19 members appear in front of the explosion, powerfully walking onto the screen. Wearing variations of an all-white ensemble with gold accents, they pose and stand before an ever-growing tree. “Sa wakas, ang huling binhi ay nagbunga ng isang panibagong kabanata.” (“At last, the last sprout has brought forth a new beginning.”)

The end of the video displays SB19’s schedule for “PAGTATAG!” The single release is coming out on May 19, while the full EP release will be released on June 9.

“PAGTATAG!” meaning “founding” or “establishing,” may provide nods to the group’s beginnings while also welcoming in a new chapter that’s on a grander scale than what we’ve seen thus far. As the P-Pop group approaches its fifth year, we expect a new era with their signature diversified sound and a more creative approach to their releases, as the trailer had just suggested.

Previously, the group concluded their “Where You At” world tour last December, which kicked off in Manila and included stops in the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and Singapore. Members Ken and Josh also dropped solo releases under the monicker of “FELIP” and “Josh Cullen,” respectively.



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