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"WILD Idol" Boy Group TAN Enchanted fans in their First Fan Meeting in PH

Photo Courtesy of TAN PH

This is not a Beautiful LIE! Rising K-Pop rookie group TAN, which stands for "To All Nations," is currently in the Philippines for their two-week tour, "FIRST STEP: To All Nations Philippine Promotion Tour." TAN is a seven-member group consisting – of Changsun, Jooan, Jaejun, Sunghyuk, Hyunyeop, Taehoon, and Jiseong. The group debuted under the MBC survival audition show, Extreme Debut: Wild Idol.

They debuted with their first mini album, 1TAN, making "DU DU DU" their lead single on March 10, 2022. They recently made a comeback last October 10 with their lead single, "Beautiful LIE," from their first single album, Dream & Deurim.

Kicking off their Philippine Promotion tour was their fan meeting last Friday, November 5, in the Music Museum. PH SODAs were in for a treat as they interacted, played games, and witnessed the energetic and killer performances of their favorite group.

TAN performed their various hit singles such as their latest comeback song, "Beautiful LIE," their debut song, "DU DU DU," and their other songs, "Walking on the moon," "Louder," and "My Heart." They even surprised the crowd by performing their rendition of an OPM song, "Diwata."

This night was not all just witnessing their charismatic performances but also seeing their cute sides as well – as they played a mini-game with the fans. Some lucky PH SODAs were able to take pictures and hug them on stage.

Making the event more special for the group, PH SODAs also prepared a video message as a gift to the members to show their love! The touching video highlights TAN's journey from their pre-debut until now – witnessing this sweet effort made the members in awe.

During the fun meet, Taehoon thanked all of their fans for being with them throughout their journey in debuting. They endured all those hard times, and he hopes that the SODAs will still join them in the future. Hyunyeop also gave his heartfelt message, saying they came here to pay back the support of PH SODAs, but it looks like they even got more love and support instead. Sunghyuk added how he wishes to perform more songs in their future activities in the country.

Up until the end of the fan meeting, the group never fails to show how thankful they are for seeing their Filipino fans for the first time. In the latter part of the fun meeting, they hyped the stage by performing their sweet, upbeat song, "My Heart," as their encore stage. They freely roam around the stage near the audience to interact with them up close.

Finally ending their successful fan meeting, the members bid farewell to their fans, thanking the PH SODAs for making good memories with them and hoping to see them in their upcoming shows in the Philippines.

The "FIRST STEP: TO ALL NATIONS Manila Fan Meeting" was presented by SBTown, ShowBT Korea, and Think Entertainment.

Mark your calendars PH SODAs because their tour has just officially started. Let's look forward to seeing them again. Let's cheer for TAN as we walk with them through the flowery path.

Check out the upcoming schedule of TAN's Philippine Promotion Tour!

Nov. 12, 2022 - Cebu Mall Show at the Cebu KPOP Convention

Nov. 13, 2022 - Cagayan de Oro Mall Show at the CDO KPOP Convention



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